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Spacemap Go Roundtables: Session 3 — Sound System Design for Spacemap Go: Designing Practically for Different RoomsJan 27, 2021 at 9:00 AM PST
This session will continue to expand on the Spacemap Go system design concepts using real-world room shapes (raked seating, balcony, multi balcony, large fan-shaped balcony). Now, more than ever, sound systems need to be designed for practical use and budgets. We will conclude our session by discussing where to make sensible design decisions that work within budgets, timelines, and physical room limitations.

Roundtable Series Description: Spacemap Go can control any loudspeaker layout. A Spacemap is a visual abstraction of a loudspeaker design. When designing immersive sound systems, the laws of physics still apply. This roundtable series will cover sound system design fundamentals for immersive audio systems for simple and robust Spacemap control. We will end each session with an open discussion with Meyer Sound Technical Services staff.

Language: English
Instructor: Bob McCarthy, Meyer Sound Director of System Optimization
Moderator: Josh Dorn-Fehrmann, Meyer Sound Technical Support Specialist