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ICON Live Technologies Improves Communication at Prasco's Auditorium with Meyer Sound MINA

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November 5, 2012

After Seth came in with the new Meyer Sound array, what we're hearing is absolutely top-notch. Everybody in the audience has a great experience, and we're ecstatic about the results.”

Kimberly CarrollVP of Marketing and Communications, Prasco Laboratories

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Galileo 616, MINA, UPJunior, USW-1P

Clarity of communication is of utmost importance at Prasco Laboratories, a fast-growing pharmaceutical company based in Mason, Ohio. To ensure that every word is heard in the 365-seat auditorium at the corporate campus, Prasco engaged ICON Live Technologies of Muscle Shoals, Ala., to design and install a new audio reinforcement system anchored by Meyer Sound’s compact MINA line array loudspeakers.

Commissioned to help Prasco fix the spotty loudspeaker coverage and “scratchy” wireless systems the building has experienced since its new campus was completed in 2008, ICON Live Technologies’ Seth Daniel co-designed a new sound system configuration with independent consultant Doug Collingsworth.

“It was obvious from the start that Prasco is a value-driven company,” says Daniel. “They didn’t ask for a low-cost quick fix. They wanted something that would solve the problems permanently and stand as a long-term investment. With that in mind, Doug and I looked at each other and said immediately, ‘A center array of MINAs is absolutely perfect for this room.'”

The nine custom-finish MINA loudspeakers blanket nearly all the seats with highly intelligible sound. Two UPJunior VariO loudspeakers are set along the wall to seamlessly cover a few front-corner seats outside the pattern, while a pair of USW-1P subwoofers extends low-frequency response for video soundtracks and incidental music. For stage foldback, a UPJunior is mounted on a custom bracket underneath each of two rolling video monitors. A Galileo loudspeaker management system with a Galileo 616 processor provides signal drive and optimization.

“After Seth came in with the new Meyer Sound array, what we’re hearing is absolutely top-notch,” reports Prasco’s Kimberly Carroll, VP of marketing and communications. “Everybody in the audience has a great experience, and we’re ecstatic about the results.”

From Carroll’s perspective, the quality of communication in the auditorium is inseparable from the image of the company, both internally and in the wider community. “In addition to our own corporate meetings, we also open the facility for outreach to other businesses and the larger community,” Carroll says. “With the new system, we can approach these events confident that visitors will fully benefit from the experience.”

Founded in 2002, Prasco Laboratories is one of the nation’s leading pharmaceutical companies specializing in authorized generics.

Featured Products

Galileo 616, MINA, UPJunior, USW-1P