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Lukas Graham FOH Engineer Frank Grønbæk on his First Choice in Sound Systems: The Meyer Sound LEO Family

June 23, 2016

What I really enjoy about mixing on the LEO that the mix that I actually put in the system is exactly what I get back. On all frequencies it's so tight. I really enjoy mixing on Meyer Sound”

Frank GrønbækLukas Graham FOH engineer

The Danish soul-pop band Lukas Graham is one of the top global breakout artists of 2016. We caught up with FOH engineer Frank Grønbæk when the band returned to Copenhagen earlier this month for a homecoming show off the back of their USA spring tour. Frank tells us how he joined the young artists who climbed this year to the No. 2 spot on the Billboard 100 with their hit “7 Years.” Frank first encountered the band when he was working with Victory Tour Production in Denmark and later became part of the touring team. Frank discovered the Meyer Sound LEO Family while with Victory and it remains his first choice.