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Meyer Sound Announces Public MAPP 3D Roundtable Series

  • Meyer Sound Announces Public MAPP 3D Roundtable Series
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August 28, 2020

The Meyer Sound education team is returning with a series of MAPP 3D roundtable discussions every Thursday in September. Each roundtable will welcome questions from attendees and be answered by a team of roundtable panelists. The sessions will also focus on different features of Meyer Sound’s new MAPP 3D system design and prediction tool.

The first roundtable on Thursday, September 3 will address overall MAPP 3D help, feature requests and bug reports, main graphical user interface (GUI), viewports, importing CAD and SketchUp drawings, and SPL vs. Attenuation in model view. The September 10 roundtable will focus on primitives, modifiers, and tweaking SPL range and resolution for quick design. Session three on September 17 will teach attendees how to interpret Δ dB and connect to the Galileo GALAXY Network Platform, Compass Control Software, and Compass Go. The final session on September 24 will dive into MAPP 3D case studies and optimization for faster predictions.

Each MAPP 3D session will begin at 9:00 PDT/18:00 CET and will be moderated by Meyer Sound Senior Technical Support & Education Specialist Merlijn van Veen. Throughout the roundtables, Meyer Sound panelists will be available for Q&A.

To participate in the roundtables, click here for advance registration on Zoom. Sessions run approximately one hour and are free to attend via Zoom only.

Webinar Program
Stay tuned for more updates about upcoming webinars. Webinars run approximately one hour and are free to attend in the Meyer Sound Users Community Facebook group with no registration required. Announcements will be listed in the Meyer Sound Facebook events calendar and the Training page of the Meyer Sound website.

All webinars are recorded and archived on the Meyer Sound Thinking Sound YouTube page.

Meyer Sound Education Program – A Legacy of Learning
Meyer Sound enjoys a long history of educating the professional audio community, dating back to the early development of the original SIM Seminar. Comprehensive and science-based, our training program delivers content tailored to all disciplines and experience levels. Whether you are an aspiring student, a touring sound veteran, a skilled system integrator, or an audio consultant with multiple advanced degrees, we present tools and techniques to help you attain the best possible performance from your sound system.