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Meyer Sound To Host Public Spacemap Go Roundtables

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October 22, 2020

The Meyer Sound education team is returning with a series of Spacemap Go roundtable discussions in November and December. Each session will welcome questions from attendees and be answered by a team of panelists. The roundtables will also focus on different features of Meyer Sound’s new Spacemap Go spatial sound design and mixing tool.

Roundtable 1
Wednesday, November 4 at 9 AM PST and 5 PM PST
Topic: What is Spacemap Go: Getting started quickly and programming offline

Session one will explain how to get started quickly, the components of a Spacemap Go system, the concepts of a Spacemap as well as provide a general application overview.

Roundtable 2
Wednesday, November 11 at 9 AM PST and 5 PM PST
Topic: Implementing Spacemap Go into your workflow: System example and saving your work

Session two will explore building multiple Spacemaps for a simple loudspeaker configuration, plus saving projects and snapshots. Regardless of a system’s size, Spacemap concepts remain the same.

Roundtable 3
Wednesday, November 18 at 9 AM PST and 5 PM PST
Topic: Implementing Spacemap Go into your workflow: Utilizing subsystems and offline workflow

Session three will explore implementing Spacemap Go in a medium-sized system with multiple frontal speaker positions, surround speakers, front fills, and side fills. Attendees will learn how to implement subsystems (fill speakers and subwoofers) into the system and how to pre-program an entire show offline before stepping into the venue.

Roundtable 4
Wednesday, December 2 at 9 AM PST and 5 PM PST
Topic: Implementing Spacemap Go into your workflow: Large-scale deployment and artistic mixing

Session four will show how to implement a large-scale Spacemap Go system with multiple GALAXY processors running in Spacemap and Normal Mode. The roundtable participants will discuss system planning, utilizing Milan AVB, and strategies for simple and flexible control. Then, Meyer Sound Director, Spatial Sound Steve Ellison and guest artists will join for an open conversation about the artistic application and creative possibilities of Spacemap Go.

Each session will be hosted at 9:00 AM PST and 5:00 PM PST by Meyer Sound Technical Support Specialist Josh Dorn-Fehrmann and moderated by Meyer Sound Senior Technical Support & Education Specialist Merlijn van Veen. Throughout the roundtables, Meyer Sound panelists will be available for Q&A.

Advance registration on Zoom is required. To participate in the roundtables, click here to register for the 9:00 AM PST sessions and here for the 5:00 PM PST sessions. Sessions run approximately one hour and are free to attend via Zoom only.

Webinar Program

Stay tuned for more updates about upcoming webinars. Webinars run approximately one hour and are free to attend in the Meyer Sound Users Community Facebook group with no registration required. Announcements will be listed in the Meyer Sound Facebook events calendar and the Training page of the Meyer Sound website.

All webinars are recorded and archived on the Meyer Sound Thinking Sound YouTube page.