SB-3FSound Field Synthesis Loudspeaker

Features & Benefits


Complements large-scale Meyer Sound systems, especially those requiring high intelligibility at long distances

Reliable, purpose-built Meyer Sound drivers

Ensures minimal frequency loss over long distances

Wide dynamic range and high output accommodate signals with high peak-to-average ratios



Far-field stadium and large outdoor venues high-frequency fill coverage

Large-scale event speech and music reinforcement high-frequency fill coverage

Speech reinforcement for long-range alerts or announcements

The Meyer Sound SB-3F sound field synthesis loudspeaker is a high powered, long-throw device capable of projecting mid-high frequency energy over distances of up to 1 km. The SB-3F achieves a narrow coverage angle by employing sound field synthesis technology with multiple small point sources to achieve a coherent sound field.

The SB-3F was designed to solve one of the most common problems in large-scale sound reinforcement: effective intelligibility at great distances in the frequency area of 2 kHz to 9 kHz. The SB-3F complements and integrates smoothly and easily with other Meyer Sound products like MILO and MICA in large scale applications.

The SB-3F loudspeaker is comprised of 448 one-inch neodymium transducers - each a powerful point source with a wide dynamic range that can accommodate signals with high peak-to-average ratios - that combine to produce a highly directional wavefront that propagates smoothly over long distances with minimal side and rear lobing. Designed and manufactured at Meyer Sound's Berkeley, California factory, the transducers are built for reliability and used exclusively in Meyer Sound field synthesis products.

The SB-3F is a self-powered loudspeaker incorporating a multi-channel, high-power, class AB/H power amplifier and sophisticated control circuitry - all housed within the loudspeaker's cabinet, which dramatically simplifies setup and installation.

The SB-3F's on-board amplifier delivers 9000 W of total burst power. This modular, field-replaceable amplifier/processing package requires 220 V AC and provides both soft turn-on and transient protection. The SB-3F comes standard with Meyer Sound's RMS remote monitoring system, which offers comprehensive monitoring of system parameters on a Windows-based computer.

The SB-3F enclosure is constructed of premium birch plywood and textured with a hard-shell, black finish; custom color finishes are also available. The loudspeaker's grille frame, a powder-coated, hex-stamped steel mesh, protects the front of the unit and contributes to its audio performance as well, helping to reduce side lobes. A weather-protected version of the SB-3F is available with a wood-treated enclosure and rain hoods that safeguard the rear of the loudspeaker and its connectors from the elements.

The SB-3F includes a side-mounted pivot block that is compatible with the optional MYA-SB2 Mounting Yoke assembly. The yoke allows the loudspeaker to be easily tilted for aiming, and provides side attachment points that permit multiple SB-3Fs to be arrayed horizontally or vertically with optional arraying adapter kits. For touring applications, the yoke-mounted SB-3F can be easily transported using the MCF-SB3F caster frame.


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