SB-1Parabolic Long-Throw Sound Beam

Features & Benefits


Clean high-frequency fill with high SPL at distances greater than 300 ft

Consistent 10° beamwidth at 100 ft affords ultra-precise coverage control

Extraordinary throw capability enables point-source reinforcement without delay loudspeakers

Articulated mounting yoke provides for precise, adjustable aiming



Far-field stadium and arena high-frequency coverage

Large-scale event music reinforcement

The Meyer SB-1 parabolic sound beam is the first device to propagate sound waves that decrease as little as 3 dB SPL per doubling of distance for more than 300 feet, across a five-octave frequency range, with a consistent and narrow beam width. Exploiting the well-known directional behavior of a parabolic reflecting surface, the SB-1 provides the unprecedented ability to precisely focus high-frequency fill energy over great distances from a point-source system without the use of delayed fill loudspeakers.

The SB-1 comprises a fiberglass parabolic reflector dish with a bullet-shaped pod containing a 4-inch compression driver and an aspherical horn, mounted at the focus of the parabolic surface and aimed at the center of the dish. A 12-inch band-limited cone driver is embedded inside the center of the dish facing the pod to steer and focus the sound produced from the horn. Mounted in a companion yoke, the dish housing serves as the parabolic aiming mechanism and contains the amplification, signal processing, and control electronics for both drivers. The high-frequency pod can be disassembled and packed for shipping inside the dish.

The SB-1’s integrated electronics and amplifier system utilizes the Intelligent AC power supply and the TruPower limiting system. The Intelligent AC supply auto-selects the correct operating voltage (facilitating international use), suppresses high voltage transients, provides soft-start power-up (eliminating high inrush current), and sustains operation during low-voltage periods. TPL protects the driver components from damage due to overdriving and assures maximum peak output while minimizing power compression. The SB-1 is RMS remote monitoring system compatible.


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