Linear Line Array Loudspeaker


Power, Clarity, and Versatility with No Compromise

Proven Linear Technology in a Flexible Package

As with its larger sibling LEO, LYON faithfully reproduces the source material with uncolored and consistent results regardless of level, allowing accurate translation from a studio or rehearsal space to a live concert.

Extremely Efficient Power-To-Size Ratio

Incredible power from the industry's most elegantly engineered self-powered line array elements.

Transparent System for the Digital Age

Choose your effects with plugins, and trust that your system will reproduce your subtle enhancements with complete accuracy.

LYON Array

The Best Sound System is One That You Can Use Anywhere

The LYON system's flexibility, scalability, and ultra-low distortion make it an indispensable tool for any project from concert hall to arenas, from EDM festivals to outdoor symphony performances.

Self-Powered Advantage

Self-powered technology eliminates amplifier racks, long loudspeaker cables, and any calibration of gain and crossover settings. The system can be rigged and ready in minutes.

A Benchmark for Performance and Simplicity

A Level Of Quality You Can Hear

As a two-way element, the LYON has fewer crossovers and interactions between different drivers to facilitate greater phase coherence and seamless, uniform coverage.

LYON Stack

From Inside To Out, Designed For Accuracy

Low- and high-frequency drivers, patented REM manifold, and constant-directivity horn are engineered for exceptionally accurate coverage control—even at continuously high output levels.

LYON Drivers

Smart Rigging For Faster Flying

Patent-pending rigging features include pre-pinning on the ground and angle splaying by gravity or an optional pull-up motor.

LYON Rigging

Versions to Match Each Application

The LYON‑M can anchor long-throw arrays for tours, festivals, and arena systems. It also provides a fill option for a LEO‑M array. The LYON‑W widens horizontal coverage and the LYON‑WXT option extends vertical coverage for special downfill applications.



LYON Solution


LYON is a perfect match for "Violetta Live" based on sound quality and production requirements. Exceptional clarity, music quality, and very high SPLs are all of great importance, as all the shows are in large sports arenas.

Alberto BravoProduction Director, Sold Out (Violetta)

Live Performance Venues

LYON's high frequencies are smooth, and throw clearly to the back of the second balcony. On first listen we were immediately impressed with the quality of the vocal range, and the snares, toms, and guitar tones sound fuller and more realistic.

Paul SchmitzTechnical Coordinator for Audio
Northern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium


LYON is extremely smooth and linear, and has power for days. It's all straightforward, so I can concentrate on my mix.

Andy WackerFOH Engineer, Brantley Gilbert


With LYON working with LEO, I know the system will respond musically, so I just let the voices and the instruments do their thing and use much less EQ. This system allows me to mix musically and not technically.

Mads StærkeFOH Engineer, L.O.C.

Rental Events

The LYON system is extremely flexible and compact. It's easy to handle, the rigging is a huge leap forward, and it's great that you're able to leave the grids on for transport.

Erik BikSystem Tech, Bazelmans AVR