Linear Line Array Loudspeaker


Linear Approach to Large-Scale Reinforcement

Unleash the Power Of Linearity

Experience LEO—the Meyer Sound flagship line array system that remains linear and predicable across all frequencies and at very high sound levels.

The Sonic Detail of Studio Monitors at Large Concerts

The system’s impressive transparency allows the audience to hear each instrument—vocals, bass, sax, drums, guitar—simultaneously and transparently, without one element coloring the others.

Tailor the Sound to Your Liking

When the tonality of your system stays consistent, you are free to create any desired effects upstream with plugins and know that your subtle enhancements will be reproduced accurately.

LEO-M Array

A System That Plays No Favorites

An inherently multipurpose system that is equally suited to classical music, heavy metal, electronic dance music, or anything in between.

Self-Powered Advantage

Self-powered technology eliminates amplifier racks, long loudspeaker cables, and any calibration of gain and crossover settings. The system can be rigged and ready in minutes.

Raise the Bar Where Audio Quality Counts

A Complete Package Designed for Long-Throw Clarity

Optimized compression drivers with constant-directivity horn and a second-generation REM manifold combine to project an immersive sonic image for the entire audience, from the first row to the last.


A Powerful Combination

LEO paired with the 1100‑LFC low-frequency control element delivers exceptional clarity and carries tremendous impact when you need it.


Smart Rigging that Crew Will Love

Patent-pending rigging features include pre-pinning on the ground and angle splaying by gravity or an optional pull-up motor.

LEO-M Rigging

Fully Integrated for a Simpler Workflow

The Galileo Callisto loudspeaker management system provides matrix routing, alignment, and processing. RMS remote monitoring system offers comprehensive performance status.

Galileo Callisto


LEO-M Solution


Meyer rigs have always been great sounding. LEO is very smooth and excellent for what I do with Florence. It sounds powerful but still very controlled.

Ian LaughtonFOH Engineer, Florence + The Machine


Faithfully reproducing music for 65,000 is no easy task, but the Meyer Sound LEO system this year did an incredible job. Legends like Neil Young and Stevie Wonder sounded better than I had ever heard them before, and LEO also made it easy for sound crews to do their job. LEO is definitely raising the bar for how live music should be appreciated.

Gregg PerloffCEO, Another Planet Entertainment

Heavy Metal

LEO is such a unique animal, I think that it is going to make engineers expect more from all speaker systems. The audience’s experience is all that matters and I think it’s a really exciting time for people to be able to hear things in this manner for the first time.

Big Mick HughesFOH, Metallica


The LEO system is very powerful — it is particularly clear and efficient in the high-frequency ranges. Also, its throw is rather astonishing. I expect we could have eliminated the first delay ring, or moved it back 100 feet.

Larry RockAudio Director, New York Philharmonic

Electronic Dance Music

LEO does not 'scream' at you, as can happen with other system at higher volumes. The system is surprisingly linear, from the highest frequency range to the lowest bass, with no apparent over-emphasis or holes.

Hendrik FabriFOH Engineer, Nature One Festival

Rental events

If you want a system that will last for 20 or 30 years, you want to buy the best. Today, for large-scale line arrays, that means LEO.

Mark ReimannPresident, KiAN Concert Sound Services