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Amperage/BTU Calculator

This calculator is used to determine the minimum required current for a Meyer Sound loudspeaker system.

  • To add a product to the calculation:
    1. Click in the Product entry field and select from a list of all available products, or begin entering a product name and select from the auto-complete names displayed.
    2. Enter the Quantity of the product used in the system.
    3. Click Add Product.
  • To change the Quantity of a product that has already been added, directly edit the number in the Qty column, or repeat steps 1 and 2 above and click Update Product.
  • To remove a product from the calculation, click the product’s name in the table or set its Quantity to zero. To remove all products, click Clear All.
  • To download a CSV file, click Save CSV.
  • For a printable view, click Print View. You may add a project name at the top if you wish. Click Print to open the print dialog which allows you to send the page to a printer or save it as a PDF. Click Return to go back to the editable calculator view.

Add Product
PRODUCTSQTYAMPERAGE @ 100VAMPERAGE @ 115VAMPERAGE @ 230VBTU/h @ 100VBTU/h @ 115VBTU/h @ 230VkW @ 100VkW @ 115VkW @ 230V
Save CSV
Print View
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* The minimum electrical service amperage required is the sum of each loudspeaker’s maximum long-term continuous current.
** All power used by a loudspeaker system is eventually converted to heat dissipated by amplifiers and drivers. Acoustic power is absorbed and converted to heat by air and acoustic materials. Power consumption is measured at maximum output using pink noise as the program source. With real-world signals at high output, the power consumed is about 25% of this value over long time periods. Using a BTU value of 25% of maximum power consumption provides an appropriate value for HVAC system designs.
The MPS‑482HP idle current can vary depending on the products connected. The values displayed assume no loudspeaker products are connected to the power supply. For the MPS‑488HP, the current draw is measured at 48 V DC. Current draw ratings for the MPS‑488HP are for eight connected HMS‑10 loudspeakers. The Maximum Long-Term Continuous Current is >10 seconds.
The 100V and 115V totals are not available when the calculation uses any loudspeaker which requires 230V. This includes the 1100‑LFC, LEO, PANTHER, and VLFC.
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