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Meyer Sound has long been committed to providing educational resources to the professional audio community. Beginning early on with the development of SIM Seminars, Meyer Sound has recognized the importance of training and professional development to attain the ultimate goal of the best possible performance from a sound system of any size or application.

Meyer Sound’s education program is comprehensive and science based, with curriculum offerings scaled to suit students and audio professionals at all levels. Whether you are a new student looking at a future in the industry, a touring sound veteran, a skilled system integrator, or an audio consultant holding advanced degrees, the Meyer Sound program offers seminars geared to your interests and level of understanding. All program offerings are firmly grounded in technical fundamentals and oriented toward real-world solutions. In most cases, a Meyer Sound seminar will provide you with information and techniques that you can apply immediately to your work in the field.

Taken as a whole, the education team offers an extraordinary depth and breadth of knowledge spanning all aspects of audio technology. The program’s instructors bring to the table extensive knowledge of audio technology and years of experience “in the trenches” as system designers, system techs, and FOH mixers. The instructors’ wealth of remarkable real-world experience and knowledge is a key benefit of attending a Meyer Sound seminar. While the instructors bring with them years of experience and extensive theoretical knowledge, they are known for the ability to strip a theory to its core and explain concepts in understandable language. They also have a knack for making each session fascinating and fun, despite the rigors of the material.

In recent years hundreds of seminars have been presented on six continents, and Meyer Sound staff now present these seminars in seven different languages without needing translators. Thousands of attendees have benefited directly from the foundational knowledge and applied techniques available through Meyer Sound.

Never static, the Meyer Sound education program continues to develop new seminar content and explore innovative and different ways to present the material.

We look forward to you joining us.

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I'm an independent audio engineer and went through the Fundamentals of System Design, Implementation and Optimization class. I can say I've never been to a more worthwhile class.”

– Alex Gray