LibraAcoustic Image System

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Berkeley Repertory Theatre Cafe, Berkeley, California Brower Center, Berkeley, California Meyer Sound Ceres Reception Area, Berkeley, California Comal Restaurant, Berkeley, California Meyer Sound Luna Conference Center, Berkeley, California Meyer Sound Phoebe Manufacturing Facility, Berkeley, California




  • Unique, creative vision ensures stunning visuals
  • Patented, scientific technology provides results tailored to the venue requirements
  • Highest quality printing technique assures vivid reproductions within a wide tonal range
  • Creates sense of intimacy in reflective spaces
  • Improves speech intelligibility


  • Airports
  • Retail
  • Atria
  • Restaurants & Bars
  • Offices
  • Meeting & Conference Rooms
  • Museums
  • Residential
  • Manufacturing Facilities


Install Awards Finalist 2015

Two Senses, One Sensation

Intimate, Open, Subdued, Lively, Articulate, Engaging, Balanced, Serene

These terms could describe the visual aesthetic of an architectural space. Yet these same words also could apply to the acoustical ambience of the same room.

Ideally, a room's appearance and acoustical signature work together to common effect. Eye and ear sense a symmetry when a room's aural and visual sensations are in harmony.

Achieving this effect, consistently and creatively, is the goal of Libra — a vibrant new approach to the art and science of acoustics from Meyer Sound Laboratories.

Patented Design for Spaces Large and Small

The Libra Acoustic Image System is a patented design that ensures results precisely tailored to the venue requirements. All Libra panels meet specified sound absorption characteristics.

Libra is constructed with a robust, three-inch extruded aluminum frame with welded corners for uncompromising sturdiness. The frame is specially designed to maintain optimum tension for the high-resolution printed image throughout the life of the panel. The printing process uses only the highest quality inks to ensure the stability of color, contrast and image detail over time.

Libra panels are available in four standard sizes from 4' x 5' (1.21 m x 1.5 m) up to an extraordinary 10' x 14' (3.04 m x 4.26 m). Custom sizes are also available.

Artistic Direction: Deborah O'Grady

The artistic director for Libra is renowned San Francisco Bay Area photographer Deborah O'Grady. Known for her stunning landscape photographs, O'Grady has exhibited her works at a number of West Coast museums and conference centers.

In addition to offering her own images, many on an exclusive basis, O'Grady is curating an extensive library of images from associates and other sources. Her valuable consultation will ensure that images selected for Libra will support all other architectural and design elements for optimum visual enhancement of the space.

Holistic Sound: Three Elements

Libra is the first passive acoustical system from Meyer Sound, a company renowned for more than three decades as a technology innovator in sound reinforcement and active acoustics.

Meyer Sound's direct reinforcement systems can be found at Vienna's Musikverein concert hall, in Broadway and Las Vegas productions, and in concerts with artists as varied as the The New York Philharmonic, Rod Stewart and Metallica.

Meyer Sound also developed the Constellation acoustic system, a suite of technologies that applies advanced digital processing, ambient sensing microphones and multiple miniature loudspeakers to create variable acoustic signatures with stunningly natural effect. Notable venues employing Constellation include the Svetlanov Concert Hall in Moscow, the Kanbar Forum at San Francisco's Exploratorium, and Nokia Theatre in Tallinn, Estonia.

With Libra, Meyer Sound becomes the only company to offer a holistic approach integrating all three elements of sound in enclosed architectural spaces: direct reinforcement, Constellation active acoustics and Libra passive acoustics.

Berkeley Repertory Theatre Cafe, Berkeley, California Berkeley Repertory Theatre Cafe, Berkeley, California Berkeley Repertory Theatre Cafe, Berkeley, California Berkeley Repertory Theatre Cafe, Berkeley, California Comal Restaurant, Berkeley, California Comal Restaurant, Berkeley, California Comal Restaurant, Berkeley, California

Solutions: Hospitality

creating the
balance between a
lively “buzz” and sufficient intimacy

Restaurants, Bars and Hospitality

Restaurants and bars present an extraordinary acoustical challenge. Operators strive to strike the perfect balance between a lively "buzz" and sufficient intimacy and separation to enable intelligible private conversation. The balance that works at the bar may be inappropriate for tables across the room, and a "buzz" that is overbearing for a noon business lunch may be insufficient for the late night lounge crowd.

With Libra and, when appropriate, Constellation, Meyer Sound offers an acoustically innovative and visually striking solution.

Libra panels, properly deployed on the walls, deaden annoying late reverberations while permitting a balance of early reflections for good local intelligibility. When necessary, the effects of Libra can be supplemented by appropriate carpeting, furnishings and acoustically absorptive ceiling treatments.

For hospitality venues that wish to vary the acoustical signature of the space, Meyer Sound offers a special variant of the Constellation acoustic system. Working with a relatively subdued acoustic baseline, Constellation allows the operator to "dial up the buzz" in a subtle manner that maintains an energetic room ambience while still allowing intimate private conversations.

Cafés & Casual Performance Spaces

The café demands an acoustical signature that is controlled but never lifeless. And when the café doubles as a casual performance space, extra absorption around the stage area and on opposite walls is critical to allow patrons to either listen to the music or carry on intimate conversation.

Unlike dedicated performance spaces, where the auditorium is darkened, these casual performance spaces usually maintain ambient lighting at all times. Libra provides the idea solution for rooms where the visual ambience always shares the limelight with the acoustical environment.

Brower Center, Berkeley, California Brower Center, Berkeley, California Meyer Sound Luna Conference Center, Berkeley, California Meyer Sound R&D conference room, Berkeley, California

Solutions: Retail, Offices & Meeting Rooms

intelligibility with mood and ambiance

Focus and clear communication are essential when taking care of business. In open office spaces, a relatively dead acoustic dampens unwanted distraction from nearby activities. In boardrooms and meeting spaces, a balanced approach controls excessive reverberations while allowing some early reflections to support intelligibility.

In both cases, Libra affords ample options for realizing the desired acoustical effect while complementing the architecture and enhancing the mood desired by the designer.

The exceptionally large panels exclusive to Libra allow the designer to make a bold statement to set the mood in an entire room. The large Libra panels can be particularly effective on wall spaces left vacant behind drop-down video screens.

Meyer Sound Ceres Reception Area, Berkeley, California Meyer Sound Ceres Lunchroom, Berkeley, California

Solutions: Residential

providing optimal acoustics in the home

Libra panels are also at home in residential applications. Larger rooms used for entertaining groups benefit from a moderately lively acoustic realized through judicious placement of smaller Libra panels as needed. Home theaters that also double as socializing spaces can benefit from quite large Libra panels, as effective cinema sound demands almost complete absence of room reverberations.

Early Prototype of Libra at Meyer Sound Phoebe Manufacturing Facility, Berkeley, California

Solutions: Manufacturing

enhancing productivity and the quality of the workplace experience

Both visual image and acoustical control are critical across a wide range of institution and industrial activities, including scientific research labs, medical facilities, and light fabrication and assembly operations.

Acoustical control — beyond that mandated by occupational safety regulations — improves communication among employees and lessens worker fatigue. The end result is improved productivity.

Libra panels provide the added benefit of an inspiring and uplifting visual experience. The quality of Libra imagery reflects the importance a company places on the quality of the workplace experience.

Sample Images from Deborah O'Grady Portfolio Sample Images from Deborah O'Grady Portfolio Sample Images from Deborah O'Grady Portfolio Sample Images from Deborah O'Grady Portfolio Sample Images from Deborah O'Grady Portfolio Sample Images from Deborah O'Grady Portfolio Sample Images from Deborah O'Grady Portfolio Sample Images from Deborah O'Grady Portfolio Sample Images from Deborah O'Grady Portfolio

Deborah O'Grady

The photography of Deborah O'Grady comprises a diversity of styles and approaches. Much of her landscape photography explores the varying degrees in which the history of a particular place is in evidence, often employing text or text/sound installations to enrich the context of the image. Photo montages couple original photographs with snapshots found in flea markets and garage sales and internet photographs such as those from the Hubble Space Telescope, to extend the reach of a single photographic image beyond the frozen moment it is usually taken to be.

Deborah's work has been exhibited internationally and nationally, most recently at the Bolinas Museum, The Walt Disney Concert Hall, The Museum of the Americas in Washington, D.C. and as a video projection for live concert performance at the world premiere of "Enemy Slayer" at the Phoenix Symphony.

Visit Deborah O'Grady's website to find out more.



Libra exhibits the following acoustical properties according to independent laboratory tests.

Octave Band125250500100020004000NRCSAA
Absorption Coefficient0.300.681.051.110.970.690.950.93

The noise reduction coefficient (NRC) is the average of the coefficients at 250, 500, 1000, and 2000 Hz, expressed to the nearest integral multiple of 0.05.

The sound absorption average (SAA) is a single number rating, the average rounded to the nearest 0.01, of the sound absorption coefficient of a material for the twelve one-third octave bands from 200 Hz through 2500 Hz, inclusive.


4' w x 5' h x 3" d (1.21 m x 1.5 m x 76.2 mm)
5' w x 7' h x 3" d (1.5 m x 2.13 m x 76.2 mm)
8' w x 10' h x 3" d (2.43 m x 3.04 m x 76.2 mm)
10' w x 14' h x 3" d (3.04 m x 4.26 m x 76.2 mm)

Custom sizes available. Maximum 10' (3.04 m) width.

Materials and Safety

  • Extruded aluminum frame with welded corners
  • Acoustical absorption material is made from 100% recycled material for environmental sustainability
  • Class A fire rated to UL 723/ASTM E84 test method