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Wild Tracks Audition Offline

Using Virtual D-Mitri you can audition Wild Tracks cues offline if you set up a couple of things. You need to put Virtual D-Mitri into a mode where it will use your local computers hardware to run some of the same processes that run in D-Mitri hardware, and you need to provide a local cache of the audio files.

Wild Tracks Audition Offline:
CueStation 5.5

1) Quit VirtualD-Mitri (if it is running)

2) Rename the VirtualD-Mitri executable to Full-VirtualD-Mitri (*)

3) Launch Full-VirtualD-Mitri

4) Create a folder in your home directory called wtrxaudio

5) Place 96kHz (Wild Tracks friendly) audio files into the wtrxaudio folder, as per usual

6) Run CueStation, connect to the Full VirtualD-Mitri

7) Open your project, then in the Mixer Config window do a "Configuration -> Send System Inventory to VirtualD-Mitri"

8) At this point, you should be able to play back audio from the Wild Tracks window and hear it on your client PC's audio output.


NOTE: if your project specifies a lot of modules, the full simulation of all of them may be eating up a lot of memory on your client PC.

You can cut down on the resource usage by deleting many of the modules from the VirtualD-Mitri GUI. Most of them don't do much that is useful anyway.

The only ones that you really need to keep around are the Wild Tracks module(s) and at least one Processor module.


If you don't have permission to rename/copy the executable, or don't want to do that, an alternative method is to launch VirtualD-Mitri from the command line in a terminal window, like this:

./ systemtype=virtual

or on Windows:

VirtualD-Mitri.exe systemtype=virtual

Martin Carrillo and Matt Steuart have reacted to this post.
Martin CarrilloMatt Steuart

Hi Richard,

Thank you for sharing this trick but unfortunately, something is wrong with my setup.

I don't understand this line "4) Create a folder in your home directory called wtrxaudio"

How the CueStation can find where this folder is located?

Uploaded files:
  • Screenshot-2023-03-07-at-00.53.03.png