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Recall "listen to external command" under snapshots?

In Spacemap Go, is it possible to recall what sort of (external) control a Spacemap is listing to, or to ignore an external control.
Example: suppose I want a spacemap to follow Blacktrax input, but not untill a performer enters the stage, or simply suspend it for a while during a scene?
Meyer Sound has reacted to this post.
Meyer Sound

Spacemap listens and parses all the incoming Blacktrax data directly to the affected channel, for example, beacon 1 will go to channel 1, etc, all the time.

For now, after discussing with Blacktrax, the preference was to keep data streaming activation and beacon activation on the Blacktrack side.

At this moment these system settings controls are not part of any snapshot saving.

The activation / de-activation control is there to be able to break the connection link if things go wrong at anytime.


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Meyer Sound

Hi Jose,

Please indicate the activation/deactivation control (where?), maybe thats ok  for a temporary solution.  The concern is that where Audio may at certain moment not be willing to follow Blacktrax data, while Light does, so making the stream available or not from the source is not going to work.

Please consider



Hi Roland,

When using Blacktrax tracking, RTTrPM protocol will have to be set to receive in -> Settings -> External Devices Control (it's at the end of the list)

In the attached picture you will see that Spacemap accommodates for differences in scale since the two systems may use different scales (we are not correcting for x - 0 , y - 0, z - 0) also allows for Blacktrax z connecting to Spacemap Crossfade (and scale).

Changing the Scale in Spacemap allow to use only parts of the Spacemap part.
(for example if the full Blacktrax space data is sent, you can use only the top right corner to map it to, so that only one part of the map is automated, but manual control over the whole map is retained BTW : Spacemap Go always has priority with manual control).

What can be done in Blacktrax is also you can double the amount of beacons for the same amounts of LEDs that can be distributed to different clients (light, video, sound).

Blacktrax manages beacons data much better than we can do on the receiving end at this point (Nov 2020).

I logged your request as a feature request as well.

Uploaded files:
  • Screen-Shot-2020-11-24-at-19.27.42.png