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Question about loudspeaker coverage.

When predicting a Meyer Loudspeaker in MAPP 3D,a strong lo-mid frequencies still at the rear of the loudspeaker.

Why not Meyer Sound Speaker a Full-band cardioid design?

@Pat Wang, Sorry for the delay.

Yes, we are aware of the mid/low directivity you have made note of. To gain pattern control in lower frequencies, horns, additional drivers/amp channels, or multiple array elements are used. Low frequency horns are generally not used primarily due to size (large due to wavelength), but acoustic anomalies created by horns are also a factor. For arrays, the first line array series Meyer Sound produced included the M3D model, which included two rear-facing cone drivers that provided a cardioid coverage coverage pattern, decreasing the mid/low energy behind the array. In engineering, nothing is free. The cost for the M3D was weight and added expense. The market was not that interested at the time. Today, we could design a model similar in output with reduced size and cost, but it would still be heavier and more costly than a our current models. If you are interested in specifying or buying such a loudspeaker, please contact your regional Meyer Sound sales manager. We would be happy to hear from you.

Uploaded files:
  • Lab-1-Template-16x-PANTHER-Array-125Hz-1oct.png