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CueStation Etude Reel to Real v2

20210217 Etude Real to Real v2

Etude "Reel to Real"

This is part of CueSchool and uses our typical training D-Mitri setup of a single DCP system with Wild Tracks and a DAIO-816 io module. The system name is BC.

Use your existing class configuration by opening a project with a known good configuration for BC and then using the Clear Project command in the Projects menu.

We are going to use inputs 9, 10, 11 and 12. These inputs on BC are connected to Wild Tracks.
We are going to use outputs 1, 2, and 8. 1 is house Left, 2 is house Right, and 8 is our point source on-stage.

Label input fader 9 "ambience"

Label input fader 10 "music L"

Label input fader 11 "music R"

Label input fader 12 "phone"

When doors to the house open, there will be ambience playback in full fidelity (no output EQ). There will also be ambience playing in full fidelity from a point-source loudspeaker on stage (output 8.)

- On Cue, the point source will start playing music in mono at a low level in
very low fidelity to simulate an antique radio or a cheap transistor
radio from the early 1960's (i.e. no lows and no highs) “antique
radio” (lo-fi)

- On Cue, Music moves from the point source loudspeaker (mono lo-fi), to
full fidelity stereo in outputs 1 (L) and 2 (R) and gets louder, enveloping the audience in the
moment. The fade takes 12 seconds and the music never stops or resets. Since this is actor driven, you can not do the lo-fi effect on the music recording because you can never know exactly when the change has to happen.

- On Cue, a phone starts to ring. Use the point source loudspeaker for
the phone ringing sound.

The first ring is at a very low level. Just barely noticed with the
music playing. The second ring gets louder. The third ring is louder
still. On the fourth ring the phone is loud and the Music snaps back to
point source, is at the original low level and is back to mono lo-fi.

1. You have EQ available on Inputs, Buses, and Outputs.

2. Right+Click on an Input Bus Assign button to change the bus assignment.

3. The ambience playing from the point source loudspeaker is always full fidelity, so no EQ on the output please.

4. The stage manager will call three cues, but you need 4 since you need to have a starting point.