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Can I use Spacemap Go without a GALAXY processor?

Certainly, just start one or more virtual GALAXY processors in Compass software (current version) and "boot" it into the new Spacemap mode. Connect your iPad to the same network as the Compass computer, open the app, and select the Spacemap System listed. Further instructions are here. You can configure a system, create and save snapshots, setup and run Spacemaps and Trajectories. You'll need a GALAXY and a few loudspeakers to pass audio and make sound move around your room though. This is a great way to get your fingers used to the app and discover all of it's functions, just like walking up to a new mixing console.

Richard Bugg has reacted to this post.
Richard Bugg

Just a note to have your Virtual GALAXY running in Spacemap mode.


Uploaded files:
  • 03-Compass-Virtual-GALAXY-running.png
  • 04-Compass-Reboot-to-Spacemap-Mode.png
Meyer Sound and Sepp Mueller have reacted to this post.
Meyer SoundSepp Mueller

Hi Richard,

you are the right person to look at my concern, for sure :-).

I want to use the iApp "SpaceMap Go" with a an old Matrix3-system and Cuestation 4.6.1. I have succes to get OSC-values "/matrix/x/y level .." on port 18033 on the computer. On which port (14005?) is the Cuestation 4.6.1 receiving the messages and do I have to translate it to messages, Cuestation 4.6.1 matrix-levels understands? (as ist works with the Lemur-app). Any Hints really appreciated.


Meyer Sound has reacted to this post.
Meyer Sound

Sepp, Thanks for writing. For deep, specific questions like this one, please contact technical support by visiting Richard is on assignment. We'll post the result here for future reference. Thanks!

Sepp Mueller has reacted to this post.
Sepp Mueller

Hi there !

Got a problem to connect my Compass (virtual use) with my spacemap go. Both are on the same network (ping test OK), I did all the process, got my virtual galaxy in spacemap mode but on the spacemap go I've got "No Galileo/Galaxy... found in spacemap mode"... Any ideas ?


Thanks for your interest in Spacemap Go. From the information provided, it may be a software/firmware version issue. Check that the Compass software, GALAXY firmware, and SMG iOS app versions are compatible. Current versions are:

Compass 4.8.3

GALAXY firmware 2.3.3-20201118-1435 (file included with Compass)

SMG app 1.0.1

For further assistance with this issue, visit, select the Technical Support radio button, enter Spacemap Go under What product are you inquiring about? and add the text above. This generates an internal case that TS responds to.