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90 deg speaker - reference point

Hi All!


I have some UX40 rotated 90° ("Rotation about reference"). So it positioned horizontally.

Unfortunately - the reference point is not rotating also. So - when I'm choosing Front Left Bottom - the reference point will be Front Right Top.

Is there something I'm missing? I've looked for a different version of speaker, in the speaker list (individual speaker) - but only found the rotated horn.



You can see here that the ref point is 0,0,0, but it's supposed to be Front Right Top, but it's Front Right Buttom

Uploaded files:
  • Screen-Shot-2021-08-18-at-23.23.02.png

@nadav y

You are correct, when the loudspeaker model is rotated, the reference point is not renamed. The reference names reflect the locations on the loudspeaker when it is in the default orientation. This may be a feature request. For loudspeakers that are rotated more than 45 degrees from the default orientation, would you prefer that all of the reference point names be shifted? Or is a better solution for your use to have another loudspeaker available to be inserted that has a default orientation that is rotated 90 degrees? We would also add a model that was rotated 90 degrees in the opposite rotation, expanding the available loudspeaker list by a factor of 3.

Hi Steve!


Thanks for your response.

For me - I would be happy for another data field for each speaker - Speaker Orientation and maybe even Horn orientation (this way there will be even less speaker models). Maybe between the {Model} and {Processor Name}

I just assume that 200 more speakers in the list will be long for most people (unless there will be a way to sort or filter in this list).

I would also add the reference point big yellow dot inside the setting windows (where I took the screenshot), this way even if there won't be any new orientation data field - it will be easy to get around it.

Thanks again


@ylnadav I'll get this information forwarded to the development team. Thank you for your input!