USM-1PExtended Range Narrow Coverage Stage Monitor

Features & Benefits


Extended low-frequency response for full-range sound reproduction

Symmetrical, narrow constant-Q horn for precise coverage

Flat frequency and phase response maximize gain before feedback



Drum or keyboard monitor

Stage monitor system side fill

Vocal monitor for medium- to large-scale applications

The USM-1P self-powered stage monitor comprises a 15-inch low-frequency cone driver, a 3-inch diaphragm compression driver with constant-Q horn, phase-corrected signal processing electronics and a dual-channel power amplifier in a rugged enclosure. The USM-1P excels in applications that require efficient response to 30 Hz for clean, high-level reproduction of bass and drums. Additional benefits of the USM-1P are improved linearity and low susceptibility to feedback. Maximum output level is 132 dB peak SPL at 1 meter, with exceptionally low distortion.

The USM-1P offers a symmetrical 45-degree horizontal x 45-degree vertical pattern for highly controlled coverage in either floor wedge or flown applications. The horn’s Constant-Q design provides uniform beamwidth in both the horizontal and vertical planes with minimal side lobing.

The integral dual-channel power amplifier, a proprietary class AB/bridged design with complementary MOSFET output stages, produces 350 watts burst per channel with less than 0.02 percent distortion. Voltage-controlled limiters prevent over-excursion and regulate the temperature of driver voice coils, protecting the drivers without power compression effects and allowing sustained high sound pressure levels. The Intelligent AC power supply provides automatic voltage selection, EMI filtering, voltage transient suppression and soft start.

The USM-1P is compatible with Meyer Sound’s RMS remote monitoring system, a Windows-based computer application for monitoring the full range of amplifier and driver operating parameters.







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