Since they were first introduced over two decades ago, Meyer Sound UltraSeries loudspeaker systems have set the standard for high power output, linear response and very low distortion from a compact enclosure. The self-powered UltraSeries loudspeaker systems provide exceptionally high SPL levels, superior transient behavior and improved gain before feedback. Constant-Q horn designs work in conjunction with patented phase correction circuits to provide uniform and predictable directional behavior when multiple cabinets are combined in either horizontal or vertical arrays.

UltraSeries features include modular audio input options, complementary power MOSFET amplifiers, RMS remote monitoring system compatibility, and a number of different QuickFly mounting and arraying options. UltraSeries loudspeakers are ideally suited to a wide variety of small- to mid-size system applications, including Broadway/West End-type theatrical productions, ballet and opera houses, nightclubs, meetings and conventions, houses of worship, distributed theme park systems, multimedia exhibits, smaller sporting facilities, and touring acoustic acts playing small to midsize venues.

Product Pages
UPQ-1P : Wide Coverage Loudspeaker
UPQ-2P : Narrow Coverage Loudspeaker
UPA-1P : Compact Wide Coverage Loudspeaker
UPA-2P : Compact Narrow Coverage Loudspeaker
UPJ-1P : Compact VariO Loudspeaker
UPJ-1XP : Compact VariO Loudspeaker
UPJunior : UltraCompact VariO Loudspeaker
UPJunior-XP : UltraCompact VariO Loudspeaker
UPM-1P : UltraCompact Wide Coverage Loudspeaker
UPM-1XP : UltraCompact Wide Coverage Loudspeaker
UPM-2P : UltraCompact Narrow Coverage Loudspeaker
UP-4XP : UltraCompact Loudspeaker
500-HP : Compact High-Power Subwoofer
USW-1P : Compact Subwoofer
UMS-1P : UltraCompact Subwoofer
UMS-1XP : UltraCompact Subwoofer
Stage monitors
MJF-210 : Low-Profile High-Power Stage Monitor
MJF-212A : High-Power Stage Monitor
UM-1P : Narrow Coverage Stage Monitor
UM-100P : Wide Coverage Stage Monitor
USM-1P : Extended Range Narrow Coverage Stage Monitor
USM-100P : Extended Range Wide Coverage Stage Monitor




“But when I heard those two little UPM speakers, I was completely floored by their performance.”

Michael McCarty, Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History, Norman, Oklahoma about the UPM-1P/UMS-1P 5.1 system installed in the Robert S. Kerr Auditorium