Development of new technologies that make audio systems and their components work more effectively is crucial to everything we do at Meyer Sound. Our commitment to research and development has produced the following results:

TruPower™ Limiting — The first limiting technology that accurately measures power dissipation inside a loudspeaker, limiting power only when absolutely necessary, allowing the loudspeaker to deliver maximum dynamic volume, safely and consistently.

Intelligent AC™ — Provides for automatic voltage selection, EMI filtering, soft current turn-on, surge suppression and dual circuit breakers. It can even provide uninterrupted operation under limited brownout conditions.

RMS™ Remote Monitoring System — The RMS™ Remote Monitoring System provides the ability to see what is happening with units that are deployed in a sound system. By attaching the Remote Monitor connectors to the reinforcement loudspeakers in the system, one can be kept aware of certain conditions and operational behaviors of the units.

SIM® System II — SIM® System II implements Meyer Sound's Source Independent Measurement technique, a dual-channel method which accommodates statistically unpredictable excitation signals. The instrument is optimized for making audio- frequency measurements of an acoustical system and applying precise electronic corrections to adjust the system response.

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