Galileo and Compass
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Intuitive Interface

With all the features and power offered by Galileo 616, giving the user a comprehensive, intuitive way to control them is paramount. Meyer Sound’s Compass software fulfills this requirement. Running under either the Macintosh or Windows operating system, Compass provides a graphical user interface that is the result of years of experience optimizing complex systems.

Compass’ System Map lets users see signal flow at a glance.

Compass’ Galileo Map lets users see signal flow at a glance. The unique filter display shows and allows direct editing of the composite response created by the CP-10 and TruShaping filters. Filter parameters can be edited graphically or by direct text or numeric entry. Seeing the frequency shaping curve is not the full story, however, so Compass’ filter display also shows the composite phase response.


Presets for Every Size System

A large library of presets is included for systems ranging from two small Meyer Sound loudspeakers all the way up to complex, multi-zone systems built around M Series line array products. No more building processing chains one block at a time; Galileo users can get right to the starting line and make modifications as needed from there.

Define array compensation in a single screen for an entire system of Meyer Sound self-powered loudspeakers.

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