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Galileo 616 AES

The Galileo 616 AES is a new version of the processor for the Galileo loudspeaker management system. The new processor provides 16 matrix outputs on eight AES/EBU (AES3) digital outputs. Use this addendum as a supplement to the Galileo User Guide. It details the differences between a standard Galileo 616 processor and the new Galileo 616 AES.


The top row of eight XLR audio outputs provides 16 channels of AES3 digital outputs (two channels per output; 12, 34, 56, 78, and so forth). When connecting these outputs to the inputs of AES/EBU devices, use only cables rated for AES3 signals. The bottom row of eight XLR audio outputs (916) provides eight channels of analog outputs and functions the same as a standard Galileo 616. Any output processing applied to outputs 916 are mirrored in digital format on the appropriate AES3 output and on the corresponding analog output.

There is no difference between the Galileo 616 AES and the standard Galileo 616 in the following:

• Inputs
• Processing
• Compass Software
• Communications
• SIM 3 Integration
• Front Panel Control
• DSP Architecture
• Real-World Protection
• Firmware

Galileo 616 AES Loudspeaker Management Processor Back Panel

Galileo 616 AES Clocking Scheme

Galileo 616 AES Typical Application


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