MILO 60High-Power Narrow Coverage Curvilinear Array Loudspeaker

Features & Benefits


Controlled horizontal coverage angle of 60

Patented REM ribbon emulation manifolds
dramatically minimize distortion

Exceptional fidelity and peak capability
assure clean, high-impact response

Seamless integration with other M Series

QuickFly rigging system simplifies use in
flown or ground-stacked arrays



Stadiums, arenas, concert halls and theatres

Touring sound reinforcement

Large-scale events

A variation on the popular MILO highpower curvilinear loudspeaker, the MILO 60 high-power narrow coverage curvilinear array loudspeaker excels where controlled horizontal coverage is needed. The selfpowered MILO 60 is a compact, lightweight four-way system that provides 60 degrees of horizontal coverage, and vertical coverage matching the original MILO. The coverage pattern is optimized for applications requiring tight horizontal coverage, such as at the top in mixed arrays with standard MILO or M3D line array loudspeaker systems, or for side fill hangs where keeping sound off of side walls is important.

The MILO 60 shares the same dimensions and rigging components as the MILO and MILO 120 expanded coverage high-power curvilinear array loudspeakers to facilitate seamless integration. The flexibility of the MILO 60 allows it to be configured with other Meyer Sound loudspeakers in complex systems. MILO 60 arrays and combined arrays with other M Series models are easy to deploy using the MILO QuickFly rigging accessories, such as the MG-3D/M multipurpose grid and MCF-MILO caster frame. Because rigging connections are rigid, the array tilt is easy to adjust, often eliminating the need for a pullback strap in flown configurations.

MILO 60 produces a peak output of 140 dB SPL with exceptionally flat phase and frequency response. Its wide operating frequency range (60 Hz to 18 kHz) is complemented by extended high-frequency headroom and a dedicated very-high-frequency section (4.2 kHz to 18 kHz) that renders delicate transient information with detailed resolution through its coverage pattern. Its acoustical characteristics are designed to facilitate seamless integration when used with other MILO curvilinear array elements.

A combined MILO 60/MILO/MILO 120 array with M3D-Subs affords the precise low-frequency directional control that has won widespread acclaim for M3D systems. The M3D-Sub provides a well-controlled coverage pattern to 30 Hz, assuring that very low-frequency energy does not spill onto the stage or cause excessive reverberation. In applications where directional low-frequency control is not a primary consideration, a MILO array can be flown adjacent to or ground stacked with 700-HP subwoofers. The 700-HP's power and bandwidth handle high continuous operating levels and extreme transient information with minimal distortion in its operating frequency range.

Meyer Sound’s RMS remote monitoring system is fitted as standard, providing comprehensive monitoring of system performance parameters over a Windows-based network.

A weather-protected version with a folding rain hood that safeguards the electronics is optionally available.


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