MILO 120High-Power Expanded Coverage Curvilinear Array Loudspeaker

QuickFly: The Fastest, Easiest Rigging System in Captivity

Fitted as standard, MILO 120’s QuickFly rigging employs simple, rugged and reliable components that remain captive in transit. Flown and ground-stacked MILO 120 arrays and combined MILO/MILO 120/M3D/M3D-Sub arrays are possible using MILO QuickFly components like the MG-3D/M multipurpose grid.

Custom front and rear AlignaLinks at the cabinet corners couple the units for flying or stacking, and allow from 13 (minimum) to 19 (maximum) degrees of cabinet splay adjustable in two-degree increments.

If circumstances dictate an acute array curve, then a PBF-MILO pull-back frame can be attached to the lowest cabinet (MTB-2D/M transition bars required).

MILO 120 utilizes unique, self-seating AlignaLinks for coupling and angling between adjacent cabinets. Front AlignaLinks provide a secure pivoting connection, while rear AlignaLinks allow swift setting of vertical array angles from 13 to 19 degrees in 2-degree increments.

AlignaLink connections use custom quick release pins for speedy setup and teardown. All load stresses are transmitted through the rigging frames and associated hardware — not through the wooden cabinets.


MILO 120s make ideal downfill and near-fill loudspeakers under MILO arrays. MILO 120 AlignaLinks make this arrangement simple and secure.


Ground-stacked arrays of up to five MILO 120 cabinets (or the equivalent height of MILO 120 and M3D-Sub cabinets) can be built with minimal labor and maximum safety using an inverted MG-3D/M multipurpose grid.


The MILO 120 loudspeaker attaches quickly and easily above or below M3D and M3D-Sub cabinets, with MTR-3D/M transition rails forming a stable link between adjacent cabinets.


The MILO 120 loudspeaker is truck-smart, with exterior cabinet dimensions that are ideal for both European and U.S. truck widths. Optional custom caster frames allow smooth transport of stacks of up to four MILO 120 cabinets and facilitate the use of forklifts. The custom MILO 120 AlignaLinks allow a variety of options for transporting MILO 120 with or without the MILO 120-I insert (shown above without).



The versatile MG-3D/M multipurpose grid accommodates a variety of hanging configurations (multipoint support, bridles, etc.) for MILO 120 arrays.



The MILO 120-I insert simultaneously provides a pleasing look and acoustic functionality.