MILO 120High-Power Expanded Coverage Curvilinear Array Loudspeaker

Features & Benefits


Extreme coverage angles of 120 degrees (horizontal) and 20 degrees (vertical)

High-power output (138 dB SPL peak)

Compact cabinet

QuickFly components compatible with existing MILO and other M Series products

Optional MILO 120-I insert enhances appearance of arrays and provides a small acoustical benefit



Stadiums, arenas, concert halls and theatres

Touring sound reinforcement

Large-scale events

A variation on the popular MILO high-power curvilinear loudspeaker, the MILO 120 high-power expanded coverage curvilinear array loudspeaker excels where wide horizontal and increased vertical coverage are needed.

The self-powered MILO 120 is a compact, lightweight four-way system that provides 120 degrees of horizontal and 20 degrees of vertical coverage. In addition to its expanded coverage pattern, the MILO 120 loudspeaker is optimized for medium to near field applications, making it the perfect downfill complement for standard MILO or M3D line array loudspeaker systems, or in other fill applications that can be satisfied by one or two cabinets. MILO 120 can also be used by itself to form wide coverage arrays or as a single cabinet.

As part of the M Series, the MILO 120 loudspeaker comes standard with Meyer Sound’s exclusive RMS remote monitoring system. The MILO 120 shares the same dimensions as the standard MILO cabinet to facilitate seamless integration with MILO and existing MILO QuickFly rigging accessories, like the MG-3D/M multipurpose grid and MCF-MILO caster frame. The flexibility of MILO 120 also allows it to be configured with other Meyer Sound loudspeakers in complex systems.

MILO 120 produces a peak output of 138 dB SPL with exceptionally flat phase and frequency response. Its wide operating frequency range (60 Hz to 18 kHz) is complemented by extended high-frequency headroom and a dedicated very-high frequency section (4.2 kHz to 18 kHz) that renders delicate transient information with detailed resolution through its wide coverage pattern. The MILO 120 loudspeaker’s acoustical characteristics are designed to facilitate seamless integration when used with other MILO curvilinear elements.

The optional MILO 120-I insert (see related paper) can be fitted to enhance the appearance of arrays that include the MILO 120, and also provides a small acoustical benefit.


QuickFly Rigging

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Cavities between MILO 120 Loudspeakers and the Effect of the MILO 120-I Insert on Acoustical Response


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