MICACompact High-Power Curvilinear Array Loudspeaker

Subwoofer Integration

MICA’s prodigious output calls for equally powerful support for the low frequencies. The 700-HP ultrahigh-power subwoofer supplies this support in abundance, boasting an operating frequency range of 28 Hz to 150 Hz and a maximum peak output of 139 dB SPL. The 700-HP can be groundstacked or flown in its own array with its optional QuickFly rigging. It can even be configured into a horizontal line array to provide even low-frequency coverage over a large area.

For applications where it is desirable to fly a subwoofer as part of a MICA array, the new 600-HP compact high-power subwoofer offers extremely high output in a form factor compatible with MICA. The 600-HP’s optional QuickFly rigging provides seamless integration with MICA cabinets, as well as the MG-MICA multi-purpose grid and the MCF-MICA caster frame.

700-HP ultrahigh-power
  MICA can be rigged directly to the
600-HP compact high-power subwoofer.


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