MICACompact High-Power Curvilinear Array Loudspeaker

The Self-Powered Advantage


MICA’s powerful four-channel amplifier

MICA’s considerable output is driven by a powerful four-channel class AB/H amplifier that produces 3,020 watts of total output power (6,000 watts peak - See Making Sense of Amplifier Power Ratings Tech Report for more information). The field-replaceable amplifier/processing electronics module includes TruPower limiting to extend the life of the drivers and hold long-term power compression to less than 1 dB, and incorporates Meyer Sound’s Intelligent AC power supply, which automatically adjusts for any line voltage worldwide and provides both soft turn-on and transient protection.

As a Meyer Sound self-powered system, each MICA contains all of its amplification and processing within the loudspeaker cabinet, providing greater performance, lower cost and more convenience. Greater performance because all of the electronics and the drivers are designed as an integrated system from the beginning, eliminating the need for the compromises that come with accommodating unknown amplifiers or loads in passive systems, as well as ensuring that each cabinet performs identically to every other. This is critical in line array applications, where performance differences compromise coupling between cabinets, which is the basis of line array theory. Finally, cable runs are reduced to a matter of inches; signal loss from long cable runs are a thing of the past.

Lower cost comes from no longer having to buy, outfit and haul amplifier racks on tour, or build
air-conditioned rooms in fixed installations. The space saved also translates into money. Also gone
is the need to buy, carry and run lengths of loudspeaker cables.

Convenience comes from doing away with involved calibration of gain and crossover settings, while simplifying setup and modifications like adding more cabinets or reconfiguring zones. Load-in, load-out and flying loudspeakers is a snap.

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