MICACompact High-Power Curvilinear Array Loudspeaker

(3) MILO 60
(6) MILO 120

(1) MILO 120-I
(1) MILO

Alone Or With Family, MICA Does The Job

MICA’s compact profile and high output make it extremely versatile. On its own, MICA is perfect for tours or rental systems working in mid-sized venues. Performing arts centers, theatres, churches and other locations that require a powerful system but do not have the scale of large-scale installations such as arenas and stadiums will also find MICA to be an ideal solution. Where size or weight limits are an issue, MICA presents an elegant answer.

MICA has been designed to be fully compatible with other MILO family loudspeakers and integrates seamlessly into systems built from them. Where main arrays are built from MILO, MILO 120 or MILO 60 loudspeakers, MICA is the best choice for sidefill arrays. MICA can also be used as an alternate downfill in situations where the wider vertical and horizontal coverage of MILO 120 is not needed. In fact, tours playing in a variety of venues can use MICA for sidefill in larger houses and as the main arrays in medium to smaller ones.

The vertical extension setting in the MICA QuickFly rigging makes it easy to avoid wasting energy on architectural faces where no seats exist. The RMS remote monitoring system, included as standard, makes it easy to watch critical performance parameters.



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