MICACompact High-Power Curvilinear Array Loudspeaker

MICA And MAPP Online Pro

Meyer Sound knows that building the world’s best loudspeakers is only part of the job; ensuring they are well used is the other part. Good tools can make all the difference in achieving optimal loudspeaker use. Meyer Sound MAPP Online Pro acoustical prediction software, available free from Meyer Sound, gives users accurate predictions of how Meyer Sound loudspeakers will work in use in a given venue. MAPP Online Pro lets users view coverage, and, using the included Virtual SIM feature, SPL and frequency response at any spot in the venue. MAPP Online Pro also integrates a comprehensive rigging calculator that allows users to instantly locate an array’s center of gravity.

Running under the Macintosh or Windows operating system, MAPP Online Pro's powerful features makes it easy to design MICA arrays by themselves or complete systems incorporating MICA. Propose a loudspeaker configuration and graphically view the resulting coverage within seconds with confidence that reality will closely match the prediction.

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A MAPP Online Pro soundfield plot of a MICA array. A MAPP Online Pro soundfield plot of a system with a MILO main array and a MICA sidefill array (splayed 40 degrees from the main array) on each side of the venue. Instantly locate the center of gravity of an array using Meyer Sound's MAPP Online Pro.


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