MICACompact High-Power Curvilinear Array Loudspeaker

All New Components: The Heart Of The System

MICA is a three-way system whose primary components were designed from scratch, building on everything Meyer Sound has learned to date about making loudspeaker drivers and electronics.

Low/Mid-Frequency Section


Two high-power, neodymium magnet 10-inch cone drivers

MICA covers low and mid frequencies with two high-power, neodymium magnet 10-inch cone drivers with 2-inch voice coils, each housed in its own vented enclosure within the loudspeaker. The two drivers operate in a two-way configuration: both work in parallel at lower frequencies to take advantage of their combined acoustic output, while one rolls off before the crossover frequency to maintain optimal polar and frequency response.

Two compression drivers mount on a patented REM coupled to MICA’s horn

High-Frequency Section

MICA is designed to produce the smooth, undistorted high-frequency sound for which the MILO family is renowned. The high-frequency section located at the center between the two cone drivers consists of two neodymium-magnet compression drivers with 3-inch diaphragms and 1.2-inch exits. These drivers are seamlessly combined through a patented Meyer Sound REM (ribbon emulation manifold) coupled to a 100-degree horizontal constant-directivity horn. The horn’s controlled, very narrow vertical dispersion is ideally suited for use in curvilinear arrays, allowing minimal destructive interaction in the high frequencies between adjacent enclosures. REM produces a smoothly controlled wave front with low distortion and the very high output generated by compression drivers.



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