M1DUltraCompact Curvilinear Array Loudspeaker

Features & Benefits


Extremely compact and lightweight; forms virtually “invisible” PAs

Very flat response for exceptional accuracy and imaging

Constant-Q horn assures uniform coverage

Unique crossover design eliminates mid-range combing



Theatrical sound reinforcement

Portable and installed audio-visual systems

Compact voice reinforcement systems

Front and under-balcony fill

The Meyer Sound M1D ultracompact curvilinear array loudspeaker brings the singular advantages of self-powered line arrays to sound reinforcement applications in small and mid-sized venues. The exceptionally compact enclosure enables sound designers to achieve high output, precise pattern control with very low distortion from a lightweight and unobtrusive system. The M1D provides a substantial peak SPL of 125 dB at 1 meter with an operating frequency range of 60 Hz to 18 kHz and is designed specifically for implementing vertical curvilinear arrays of up to 16 cabinets having 0- to 8-degree splay between adjacent units. This design affords the flexibility to tailor vertical coverage by varying the number and splay of cabinets in the array while maintaining a consistent 100° horizontal coverage.

The M1D loudspeaker system comprises two 5-inch cone drivers and three 0.75-inch high-frequency metal dome tweeters with neodymium magnets. To assure the smoothest response in the critical midrange, the M1D incorporates a complex crossover design similar to that pioneered in Meyer Sound’s UPM loudspeakers. At the lowest frequencies, both 5-inch drivers combine to reproduce powerful, coherent bass. In the mid frequencies, however, the crossover feeds the signal to only one driver; this technique eliminates interference between the two drivers (that would otherwise occur at shorter wavelengths) in order to maintain optimal polar and frequency response characteristics. The three vertically aligned dome drivers act as a small line array, focusing the sound into a tight vertical coverage pattern while the constant-directivity horn maintains broad horizontal coverage.

The bi-amplified M1D incorporates a complementary MOSFET power amplifier module with 500 watts total burst capability, together with active crossover and optimized frequency and phase response correction circuitry. An Intelligent AC power supply selects the correct operating voltage in the range of 90 to 264 V AC at 50 or 60 Hz, allowing international use without manually setting voltage switches. The Intelligent AC supply also performs protective functions to compensate for hostile conditions on the AC mains. Integral peak and rms limiters protect the loudspeaker components from over-excursion and over-heating.

The M1D’s vented, trapezoidal cabinet is constructed from multiply hardwood and has a textured hard shell finish. The M1D incorporates QuickFly rigging as standard, and utilizes connecting links that are secured to the steel and aluminum rigging end frames by quick release pins. An ingenious arrangement of rigging holes allows quick and easy adjustment of cabinet splay for maximum freedom in customizing vertical coverage. The optional QuickFly MG-1D multipurpose grid allows either flying or ground stacking various combinations of M1D and M1D-Sub. Up to 16 M1Ds (or the equivalent weight of M1D and M1D-Sub) with a 7:1 safety factor may be flown, or up to eight M1Ds or four M1D-Subs may be ground stacked. For flying only, the simpler optional MTG-1D will support up to 16 M1Ds (or the equivalent weight of M1D and M1D-Sub) with a 7:1 safety factor.

M1D comes equipped with Meyer Sound’s RMS remote monitoring system as standard. RMS allows the full range of operating parameters to be monitored over a network using a Windows computer.

M1D Single Mount Version

The M1D-SM loudspeaker is a version of the M1D ultracompact curvilinear array loudspeaker with alternate end plates for single-mount configurations with the M1D-MUB Single Mount U-bracket. This version is ideal where the M1D loudspeaker is going to be used individually mounted to a ceiling, wall or lip of a stage in applications like front, under-balcony fill and surround or special effects.

The M1D-SM end plates are constructed of heavy-duty, corrosion-resistant 6061-T6 aluminum and include threaded metric (M8) holes for easy connection to the steel U-bracket; the end plates are factory-installed on the M1D-SMs and are not available as an upgrade option for M1Ds. The M1D-SM retains the same acoustical and electrical characteristics of the M1D.

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