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Matrix Mixing/Processing

Signal Processing

Matrix3 includes a complete mixing environment. As with any mixing system, inputs can be trimmed, faded, muted, soloed, assigned to buses, panned, and directed to aux sends. The “bells and whistles” that make life easier are here too: fader flip, virtual groups, comprehensive metering, PFL, AFL, and PAFL monitoring.

Matrix3 also provides full matrix mixing of buses to physical outputs, which is key for multichannel environments. Management is made easier by the ability to configure submatrixes for different zones.

Sophisticated systems have serious processing requirements. With inputs from microphones, playback of recorded material, and even Matrix3 outputs looped back for group processing or intricate distribution schemes, there is a need for powerful equalization and dynamics control. Outputs require this processing for multizone applications, with the additional demand for delay to properly align loudspeakers in time. Matrix3 supplies all of these necessities. Up to eight bands of EQ can be available for each input and output, with each band configurable as parametric, high pass, low pass, or high or low shelving. Matrix3’s processing display shows not only the resulting EQ curve in the frequency domain, but also its phase response.

Compression, expansion and delay can also be applied to inputs and outputs.

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