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Wild Tracks Hard Disk Playback

Wild Tracks

No longer is it necessary to deal with hooking up CD, DVD, or outboard hard disk systems to get playback of recorded effects or music. A Matrix3 system can be configured to provide over 120 tracks of Wild Tracks playback.

Of course, Wild Tracks is not simply a multichannel playback device. Wild Tracks gives users up to 24 tracks of sound effects playback per hard disk system, but, rather than working like a 24-track DAW playlist, Wild Tracks lets a sound designer create groups of up to 24 tracks, each group acting like a separate multitrack device that can be started and stopped independently of each other. It's like having a table stacked with automated, multichannel CD players.

Wild Tracks Hard Drive

Wild Tracks features an intuitive, graphical timeline interface that lets you easily drag files around to build cues. Standard transport controls and meters for each channel present a familiar interface.

The Matrix3's client/server architecture and support for CIFS (Common Internet File System) make it easy to connect a laptop or desktop computer and copy audio files from it to the WTX Wild Tracks Hard Drive. Importing files from your library into a production couldn't be easier. Files can be recorded or imported in a number of file formats and Wild Tracks drives can even be mounted on a network, making it easy to move files to a computer for editing or load them from an external sound library.

Wild Tracks RAM buffers everything for instantaneous playback, and SafetyNet provides automatic switchover to redundant drives should a problem occur.

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