Matrix3 Audio Show Control System: Deliver an Experience

Features & Benefits


Completely integrated system: all functions in one environment

Excellent fidelity, high-quality processing algorithms

Full matrix mixing with processing

Powerful Cue List automation can have an unlimited number of cues, each of which can change one detail or reconfigure the entire system


Reliable, third-generation technology

Client/server architecture offers flexibility, redundancy, and ability to have multiple operators

Unique SpaceMap multichannel panning flies sounds between two outputs or hundreds

Wild Tracks hard disk playback acts like multiple independent decks. SafetyNet system ensures seamless operation in the event of a disk failure

Today, production values are high and audio professionals need a powerful and creative tool to deliver an immersive audio experience that meets audience expectations. Whether the job is a theatrical production, elaborate corporate AV presentation, theme park attraction, Las Vegas-style spectacular, or even a museum exhibit, meeting its requirements will take an audio system with excellent audio quality, impeccable reliability, flexible facilities, and comprehensive automation.

Based on third-generation technology, Matrix3 is a fully integrated digital audio environment providing a complete signal path — everything between the output of a microphone and the input of a loudspeaker — as well as comprehensive automation of nearly every feature and a flexible control structure.

Matrix3 delivers analog and/or digital inputs and outputs, matrix mixing and routing, signal processing, n-channel surround panning, hard disk playback, and more, all under complete automation control.

Matrix3’s CueStation software is where control and programming of every feature is performed. Through CueStation, the user can configure and operate mixing functions, signal processing, routing, SpaceMap multichannel panning, and Wild Tracks hard disk recording and playback. CueStation also provides access to Matrix3’s cue list functionality, which can reconfigure the entire system in one cue, or simply trigger a single event.

The Matrix3 system is the only system on the market that can address the many unique demands of our facility. It provides the perfect technology integration infrastructure with scalability, expandability, and forward-thinking design.”

- Blaine Bertrand
Executive Producer of Texas

What this all means is that your sound design won’t be limited by your tools. We can’t give you more production time, but we can give you the tools to get the best results possible out of the time you do have.

Simply put, there is nothing else like Matrix3. No system offers such comprehensive functionality in a single, integrated system. Nothing else allows users the same degree of reliability, flexibility, configurability, programmability, and automation.

Whether designing for theatrical productions, theme parks, museums, or corporate AV, Matrix3 is the only system that gives you all of the tools in a single box.

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