Low-Voltage Self-Powered: Visualize the Advantages.

All the advantages of self-powered systems remain, including superior audio performance and the flexibility of sending separate programs to each loudspeaker. What you give up are the amp racks (and extra cooling) as well as long speaker cable runs or Class 1 wiring conduits.

Meyer Sound Low-Voltage System Example

Traditional Power Amplifier
System Example

70V / 100V Amplifier
System Example

AC Self-Powered
System Example

Self-Powered Systems: Clear Advantages

All Meyer Sound self-powered systems offer clear advantages over conventional solutions—whether constant-voltage or low-impedance (2-16 ohm)—that require separate amplifiers and loudspeakers.

Superior Performance.
Amplifiers and processing are ideally matched to each driver, with no long speaker cables or transformers in between to drain power, limit bandwidth or add distortion.

Enhanced Intelligibility.
Low distortion combined with flat frequency and phase response reduces listener fatigue and also satisfies the STI requirements for emergency voice alarm applications. no amplifier racks. Equipment rooms can be smaller, with reduced cooling requirements.

Improved Reliability.
Amplifiers, processing and circuit protection are all integrated, preventing potential damage from improper configuration or operator misuse.

Consistency and Quality.
All Meyer Sound products, transducers included, are manufactured at our headquarters according to strict quality-control processes, enabling a level of product consistency unparalleled in the industry.

Comprehensive Loudspeaker Monitoring.*
Meyer Sound's Remote Monitoring System (RMS) provides comprehensive monitoring of all critical loudspeaker and amplifier parameters, a feature that cannot be implemented in constant-voltage systems.

Each Loudspeaker Individually Addressable.
Each loudspeaker can receive a different program signal, with levels and EQ precisely set for specific location. Systems are more easily zoned, allowing exceptional flexibility in multi-purpose meeting facilities.

* Optional in selected loudspeakers and subwoofers.

Maximum Lengths for 48 V DC Power Cables

Cable Gauge MM-4XP,
All Other XP
and HMS
American 20 AWG 175 ft 87 ft
18 AWG 300 ft 150 ft
16 AWG 475 ft 237 ft
14 AWG 750 ft 375 ft
12 AWG 1200 ft 600 ft
European 0.75 mm 2 55 m 27 m
1.00 mm 2 90 m 45 m
1.50 mm 2 175 m 87 m
2.50 mm 365 m 157 m



Low-Voltage Solutions