MSL-2A High-Power Loudspeaker

Features & Benefits


Efficient high power


Wide horizontal coverage

Flat frequency response

Rugged and reliable



Touring reinforcement

Live music clubs

Theater PA systems

Side fill concert reinforcement

High-powered announcing

Music playback in discos

The MSL-2A is a high powered, wide-coverage loudspeaker for professional sound reinforcement applications. Specifically designed for touring reinforcement, the accurate, rugged MSL-2A is a biamplified system consisting of a proprietary 15-inch low-frequency driver in a vented enclosure, and a 70-degree high-frequency horn with 2-inch (throat diameter) driver.

The MSL-2A's drivers provide exceptional efficiency and power handling, with low distortion for maximum clarity.

The sturdy, multi-ply hardwood enclosure with textured finish is designed to withstand road abuse. The MSL-2A comes with handles and optionally, aircraft-style rigging pan fittings or nut plates.

The MSL-2A requires a high-quality professional stereo power amplifier capable of delivering up to 600 watts per channel continuously into 8 ohms, with a signal voltage gain of 10 dB (minimum) to 32 dB (maximum).

S-1 Control Electronics Unit

The MSL-2A operates as a system with the S-1 Control Electronics Unit (one per channel). A single-channel device operating at line level, the S-1 is the final component in the signal chain before the amplifier.

Optimized for the MSL-2A loudspeaker and pre-aligned at the factory, the S-1 contains frequency and phase response alignment circuitry and Meyer Sound's exclusive SpeakerSense driver protection circuitry, incorporating both peak and RMS signal limiting as well as excursion protection.

SpeakerSense driver protection circuitry protects the MSL-2A loudspeaker components from damage due to overheating or excessive excursion under high power conditions. This unique circuit continuously monitors the power applied to the MSL-2A drivers, and individually limits the high-frequency and low-frequency outputs when the safe operating limits of the drivers are exceeded. Until the onset of overload, the SpeakerSense circuitry has no effect on the signal.

The S-1 SpeakerSense circuit incorporates Meyer Sound's new MultiSense function, which allows the use of multiple power amplifiers having different channel gains and/or power ratings. The S-1 accommodates two stereo power amplifiers and provides separate Sense inputs for each. Its MultiSense circuit, which implements an analog OR condition, automatically tracks the power amplifier with the greatest output voltage swing to control the system protection limiters.

To enhance the effectiveness of the MSL-2A in stage monitoring applications, the S-1 incorporates sliding filters which band-limit the system response under full-power conditions. This has the effect of discriminating for vocal information in the signal to increase clarity.

Also provided is a switch-selectable Safeguard functionk, which widens the safety margin of the system and is intended to be used when extended periods of overload are anitcipated. The Safeguard switch and other setup controls are located behind a cover plate on the S-1 front panel, providing a means of securing the system installer's presets.






Datasheet (PDF)

Operating Instructions (PDF)

S1 Operating Instructions (PDF)