USM-1 High Power
Stage Monitor

70°H 60°V
21" wide
24 1/4" tall
20 1/4" deep
82 lbs (37.3 kg)
Max SPL (Peak/Cont): 139/130
Freq Range: 40-18 kHz


High gain-before-feedback
Wide horizontal coverage
Flat frequency response
Rugged and reliable


Stage monitoring
Live music clubs
Touring reinforcement

The USM-1 is a high powered, wide-coverage loudspeaker for professional stage monitoring applications. Specifically designed for touring reinforcement, the accurate, rugged USM-1 is a biamplified system consisting of a proprietary 15-inch low-frequency driver in a vented enclosure, and a 70-degree high-frequency horn with 2-inch (throat diameter) driver.

The USM-1 operates as a system with the S-1 Control Electronics Unit (one per channel). A single channel device operating at line level, the S-1 is the final component in the signal chain before the amplifier.

Optimized for the USM-1 loudspeaker and pre-aligned at the factory, the S-1 contains frequency and phase response alignment circuitry, and Meyer Sound's exclusive SpeakerSense™ driver protection circuitry, incorporating both peak and RMS signal limiting as well as excursion protection.

Operating Instructions  in *.pdf format.

S-1 - Control Electronics Unit Designed for use with the USM-1  in *.pdf format.

Download a complete product data sheet in Adobe Acrobat format.