DS-2 Mid-Bass Loudspeaker

120°H 120°V
21 1/4" wide
56 3/4" tall
30" deep
218 lbs (98.9 kg)
Max SPL (Peak/Cont): 140/136
Freq Range: 50-160 Hz
Note: Acoustical specifications are given for the standard configuration of two DS-2 cabinets.


High power
Flat frequency response
Long-term reliability


Main PA arrays
Concert reinforcement
Theater sound reinforcement
Live music club systems

The DS-2 is a high powered, arrayable mid-bass unit designed to supplement Meyer Sound MSL-3 and MSL-10A loudspeaker systems in the 50-160 Hz range. Optimized to perform in a wide range of large-scale sound reinforcement applications, the DS-2 delivers high sound pressure levels with extremely low distortion and offers exceptionally controlled directivity.

The DS2 loudspeaker operates as a system with the D-2 Control Electronics Unit (one per channel). Optimized for the DS-2 and pre-aligned at the factory, the D-2 contains active crossover networks, frequency response and phase response alignment circuitry, and Meyer Sound's exclusive SpeakerSense™ driver protection circuitry, incorporating peak and RMS signal limiting as well as excursion protection. A single-channel device operating at line level, the D-2 is intended to be the final component in the signal chain before the power amplifier.

Operating Instructions  in *.pdf format.

Download a complete product data sheet in Adobe Acrobat format.