EXP Team

The Meyer Sound EXP team is dedicated to providing outstanding service in sales, system design, and technical support. Contact us at exp@meyersound.com for any general questions.

Steve Shurtz
Technology Director

Steve Shurtz
T: +1 510.486.1166 x 141
  Mauricio Saint Martin
Global Sales Director

Mauricio Saint Martin
M: +1 661.578.7454
Miles Rogers
EXP Development Manager

Miles Rogers
T: +1 510.486.1166 x 159

Meyer Sound design services is available to review cinema system designs to ensure that they meet SMPTE standards, as well as review specific designs created for cinema sound formats such as Atmos or Auro 3D.

To submit your design for review or for any questions about EXP cinema system designs, contact exp@meyersound.com.
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Evolution of Movie Sound


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