Acheron 80/100

At the heart of Meyer Sound's EXP cinema line of loudspeakers is the high-performance Acheron screen channel loudspeaker. Optimized for installation behind perforated screens, the two-way loudspeaker combines the advantages of self-powered technology and innovative horn design to deliver precise coverage for cinema screen sound channels. Acheron 100 and 80 are identical except for horizontal coverage.

With a frequency response of 37Hz to 18kHz (▒ 4dB) and peak power of 139 dB SPL measured at 1 meter, Acheron 80 and Acheron 100 maintain full fidelity with low distortion throughout even the most demanding soundtracks. And its self-powered design simplifies installation in both new and existing rooms.

The Acheron line includes two full-range models as well as a supplemental enclosure for enhanced low frequency headroom in larger rooms.

Acheron 100

Acheron 100 uses a horn with 100 degree horizontal coverage,
making it ideal for wider theatres and for re-recording stages.

Acheron 80

Acheron 80 provides 80 degree horizontal coverage for use in
narrower theatres and in dialog mixing.

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Acheron LF

Acheron LF is a self-powered dual 15-inch mid-bass loudspeaker designed to be used exclusively with Acherons. In larger theatres, the Acheron LF ensures ample low frequency headroom on LCR channels by converting each Acheron screen channel loudspeaker into a system with three LF drivers in an aligned column. A unique gradated crossover arrangement offers smooth coverage from 38Hz to 370Hz while minimizing LF interference. The resulting system has the power required to completely fill a large theatre with rich, clean sound.

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Acheron Studio

Designed for smaller theatres and postproduction facilities, the Acheron Studio offers the same exceptional fidelity and extended high-frequency performance as the Acheron with a convection cooled amplifier for very quiet rooms. Seamless integration with the HMS-10 surround loudspeakers and the X-800C subwoofer create a complete system for smaller venues.

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Acheron Designer

An excellent choice for sound designers, screening rooms, small commercial movie theatres, and private theatres, the Acheron Designer is the most compact Acheron model in Meyer Sound's EXP line of cinema products.

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The Acheron 80, Acheron 100, Acheron Studio and Acheron LF are THX Approved.

Meyer Sound design services is available to review cinema system designs to ensure that they meet SMPTE standards, as well as review specific designs created for cinema sound formats such as Atmos or Auro 3D.

To submit your design for review or for any questions about EXP cinema system designs, contact
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