Concert Series Options

AC Connectors

Concert Series products may be ordered with 250 V NEMA L6-20 twist-lock male inlet or IEC 309 male inlet AC connectors. The 600-HP compact high-power subwoofer may also be ordered with a PowerCon twist-lock connector. Also available for all Concert Series products is the VEAM all-in-one connector and accompanying multi cables, breakout cables and interface modules. VEAM combines audio input, AC, and network connection for true plug-and-play operation.

NEMA L6-20 Twist-Lock AC Connector


IEC 309 Euro-Style AC Connector


Twist-Lock AC Connector (only available for


VEAM All-in-One Connector

Audio Connectors

All standard audio input connectors are XLR. A female XLR input and a hardwired male XLR loop output are provided. These XLR connectors remain available in loudspeakers fitted with VEAM

The optional RMS communication module allows comprehensive monitoring of all key system parameters on a remote RMS host PC, and is available for all Concert Series products.

Weather Protection

Concert Series loudspeaker cabinets are constructed of premium birch plywood. To protect the cabinets the company employs a variety of innovative manufacturing techniques and processes. However, weather-protected versions of the majority of our products are available on special order.

A major part of the weather protection procedure involves treating the wood before assembling the cabinet.  This modern, sophisticated treatment is applied to all wooden parts of the cabinet. The proprietary sealant penetrates and stabilizes the wood, enabling the cabinet to withstand a wide range of temperature and humidity conditions. The exterior topcoat is a two-part modified paint similar to that used in military applications.

An accredited, independent laboratory has tested this process according to protocols established by ASTM International, an international standards body. The sealant coat and topcoat were tested for dry film thickness, wet film thickness, pencil hardness, impact resistance, water absorption, water resistance, dry adhesion, solvent resistance and specular gloss. In addition, the topcoat was also tested for abrasion resistance and biological resistance, subjected to intense xenon arc light exposure and put through numerous freeze/thaw cycles.

Cone drivers are coated with a special water-resistant material, while corrosion-resistant gold-plated connectors assure reliable connections. Grill frames are subject to an anti-corrosion treatment and then coated to resist moisture. A fine mesh or protective grille foam, or a combination of both is applied to the grille to help prevent rain intrusion. Stainless steel fasteners and custom gaskets are used for all components mounting to the cabinet. 

Meyer Sound circuit boards have been tested to military specifications by an independent laboratory, including testing for salt invasion. Rain hoods protect the electronics package from rain.  Two versions are available: a collapsible rain hood made of heavy-duty fabric for touring, or a fixed plastic one for fixed installations.

All of these measures make Meyer Sound weather-protected loudspeakers the most durable and reliable products in the industry. They will provide extended service in all environmental conditions.

Finish / Custom Painting

The following Concert Series products are available with a heavy-duty carpet finish: MSL-6, PSW-6, MSL-4, MTS-4A, PSW-2, CQ-1, CQ-2, DF-4, 650-P, DS-2P and DS-4P.

All Concert Series enclosures, and associated rigging options, can be painted to match standard RAL or Pantone specifications and are available specially manufactured without handles.

A custom grille or grille foam featuring a painted Meyer Sound logo is also available.




Weather Protection


MSL-4's used at Bryan Adams concert, India (Weather Protection)