MSL-6Horn-Loaded High-Q Main Loudspeaker

Features & Benefits


High-Q all-horn system affords concentrated, controlled coverage for long throws

Tight, full-range pattern control for ease in arraying

Very high peak output for large-scale applications

Ultra-low distortion assures clean sound reproduction



Stadiums, arenas and concert halls

Speech and music reinforcement

Large-scale events

Designed specifically for very large-scale sound reinforcement, the self-powered Meyer Sound MSL-6 is ideally suited as a stand-alone system for vocal public address applications. For high-powered music reinforcement, it works in combination with Meyer Sound subwoofers and/or the DS-2P and DS-4P Horn-Loaded Mid-Bass loudspeakers.

The MSL-6 contains two 12-inch low-frequency cone drivers and three high-frequency compression drivers in an arrayable, trapezoidal cabinet with integral electronics. The center and outer high-frequency horns utilize separate amplifiers and control electronics to achieve a 30-degree horizontal coverage angle. The MSL-6’s 25-degree vertical coverage angle allows long-throw arrays of up to three vertical rows with minimal high-frequency overlap.

An integrated, four-channel amplifier with complementary MOSFET output stages provides total peak power of 2480 watts (620 watts/channel, four channels). The MSL-6 features TruPower limiting, phase-corrected control electronics and an Intelligent AC power supply.

The MSL-6’s standard rigging hardware comprises 12 pivoting lift rings with a 5:1 safety factor. An internal steel framework carries all load stresses. An optional MRF-6 rigging frame allows integration of the MSL-6 into QuickFly systems.

The MSL-6 is compatible with Meyer Sound’s RMS remote monitoring system, which provides comprehensive monitoring of operating parameters over a Windows-based network.


Featured Technology

Intelligent AC System

RMS Remote Monitoring System

TruPower Limiting






QuickFly Rigging




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