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Meyer Sound Products

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The ULTRA Series encompasses a broad range of point-source, full-range loudspeakers suited for a variety of applications. All loudspeakers are self-powered, either by direct AC line connection or by using Meyer Sound’s exclusive IntelligentDC remote powering technology (indicated by the XP suffix). ULTRA Series includes scalable solutions with trapezoidal cabinets for portable or installed applications; ceiling loudspeakers for distributed systems; and high-power stage monitors.


The LINE ARRAY Series offers scalable solutions for applications ranging from an intimate cabaret theatre through houses of worship up to the world’s largest summer rock festivals. Regardless of size, all Meyer Sound line array systems share the same sonic signature, characterized by an extraordinarily linear response and transparent reproduction of both speech and music program.


The LF Series comprises loudspeaker systems designed and engineered for powerful, linear bass and sub-bass reproduction in portable, touring or installed sound applications. Options are available for massive touring systems down to discreet installations in hotels and restaurants, and all LF requirements in between.


The CAL Series of straight line source loudspeakers couples advanced digital processing with no-compromise engineering to realize the full potential of beam-steering and beam-splitting line source technology. CAL Series loudspeakers are compatible with analog, AES digital and AVB networked signal sources.


Employing the latest advancements in both passive and active acoustical technologies, the ACOUSTIC Series affords unique solutions for solving problems with existing room acoustics as well as for creating entirely new acoustic environments beyond those afforded by the physical room constraints. Meyer Sound Libra passive acoustic systems afford proven solutions in applications where visual aesthetic are paramount, while Constellation active acoustic systems are renowned for their flexibility and natural sound quality.


Designed for the ultimate in linearity and accuracy, CINE-STUDIO Series loudspeakers fulfill the exacting requirements of music recording and post-production professionals while also delighting cinema audiences worldwide. The series comprises a complete line of cinema loudspeakers – screen, surround and LFE – as well as recording studio monitors incorporating advanced technology for near-perfect frequency and phase response across the full audio bandwidth. Learn more about Meyer Sound in cinema.


The CREATE Series supplies a full complement of hardware and software tools for creating, optimizing and controlling complex, high-performance sound reinforcement systems. The CREATE toolset includes powerful platforms for acoustical analysis, system design and array configuration, system optimization, and real-time monitoring and control.


Products in the POWER Series support many Ultra Series products by providing reliable and flexible solutions for remote and on-stage powering. Included in the POWER Series are remote power supplies for Meyer Sound’s breakthrough IntelligentDC family of self-powered loudspeakers that receive audio signal and DC powering over a single cable from remote, rack-mount units.


BEAM Series devices employ sophisticated signal processing and innovative acoustic design to implement solutions with unprecedented long-throw capabilities. Used in conjunction with LINE ARRAY Series and LF Series loudspeakers, BEAM Series devices extend mid-and high-frequency to distances far exceeding the limits of any conventional loudspeaker system.


QuickFly comprises a comprehensive selection of custom-designed rigging, flying and mounting systems created exclusively for Meyer Sound loudspeakers. As a flying system, QuickFly is both ingeniously simple and supremely flexible.



Acoustic Systems

Award-winning technology to enhance the acoustics of multipurpose venues.

Cabling Solutions

Solutions for managing signal, power, and monitoring.


A full line of screen channel and surround loudspeakers and subwoofers for the linear reproduction in post-production and exhibition.

Digital Platform


Application-specific solutions for the most acoustically challenging venues.


A full portfolio of flexible loudspeaker options for supplemental coverage in all systems.


For AV installations demanding the utmost in audio quality, Meyer Sound offers an innovative alternative: IntelligentDC self-powered systems with remote power supplies. This exclusive technology opens up a broad range of options for system designers, consultants, integrators and contractors.

Line Array

A full range of loudspeakers that bring exceptional performance and versatility to medium- and long-throw applications.

Loudspeaker Management

Hardware and software solutions for driving and aligning Meyer Sound loudspeaker systems.

Point Source

Remotely Powered Solutions

For AV installations demanding the utmost in audio quality, Meyer Sound offers an innovative alternative: self-powered systems with remote power supplies. This exclusive technology opens up a broad range of options for system designers, consultants, integrators and contractors.

Stage Monitors

Bringing the self-powered advantage and high-fidelity reproduction to the performers on stage.

Studio Systems

The definition and power preferred by the industry’s leading music and film production professionals.

Subwoofers & Low Frequency

Low-frequency power and control for every application, from Bassnectar to Metallica.

Surround Loudspeakers

Headroom and detailed response for immersive environments.

System Integration Tools

From acoustic prediction to analysis to real-time monitoring, Meyer Sound provides users with a complete toolkit to attain the optimal performance of loudspeaker systems.