UPM-2XPUltracompact Narrow-Coverage Loudspeaker

Features & Benefits


IntelligentDC technology affords the flexibility of lengthy cable runs without AC conduits

Extraordinary fidelity and power capability in an ultracompact package


Metal dome tweeter delivers a smooth high- frequency response


Narrow, symmetrical pattern provides precise coverage control

Unique crossover design eliminates combing and yields a consistent midrange response

Exceptional SPL to size ratio



Frontfill and under-balcony fill coverage

Theatrical sound reinforcement

Portable and installed AV systems

Effects for theatre

Compact voice reinforcement systems

The UPM-2XP, with IntelligentDC technology, is a compact, externally-powered, narrow- coverage loudspeaker for professional sound reinforcement. It offers the same high sound pressure levels, low distortion, and uniform directional control as the UPM-1P but with the added flexibility of external DC power and lengthy cable runs without AC conduits. The UPM-1XP is ideally suited for narrow-coverage applications requiring a small, inconspicuous cabinet where AC cabling is not feasible.

As a standalone loudspeaker, the UPM-2XP can be used for vocal reinforcement, frontfill coverage, or delay coverage for under- balcony applications. For full-range systems, the UPM-1XP can be paired with Meyer Sound's UMS-1XP ultracompact subwoofer with IntelligentDC technology.

The UPM-2XP's high-frequency section includes a 1-inch metal dome tweeter on a constant- directivity, high-frequency horn with a 45-degree beamwidth. The low/mid-frequency section includes two 5-inch cone transducers that work in parallel at low frequencies – delivering a combined acoustic output – with one of the drivers rolling off above 320 Hz to prevent interference in the crossover region due to comb filtering effects. The proprietary drivers, which are manufactured at Meyer Sound's factory in Berkeley, California, are powered by three channels of onboard power amplification that include an active crossover, driver protection, and frequency and phase correction circuitry.

With IntelligentDC technology, the UPM-2XP receives DC power and balanced audio from a single loudspeaker connector, available as Phoenix™ 5-pin male, sealed SwitchCraft® EN3TM 5-pin male, or sealed ECO-M 7-pin male. Powering the unit from an external source eliminates the need for wiring conduits while still preserving the advantages of self-powered systems. The UPM-2XP's amplifier and signal- processing circuits store DC power and tolerate voltage drops, thereby accommodating light- gauge cables and lengthy cable runs.

The UPM-2XP requires an external MPS-488HP IntelligentDC power supply. The single-space 19- inch rack unit distributes DC power and balanced audio to up to eight UPM-2XP loudspeakers, or other Meyer Sound IntelligentDC loudspeakers. Composite multiconductor cables, such as Belden® 1502 or equivalent, can deliver both DC power and balanced audio to loudspeakers at cable lengths up to 150 feet with just 1 dB of loss in peak SPL using 18 AWG wire. Longer cable runs are possible with heavier gauges. Meyer Sound's RMS remote monitoring system is optionally available for the MPS-488HP.

The UPM-2XP cabinet is coated with a black textured finish and includes three threaded, recessed nut plates (3/8"-16 or metric M10). Optional rigging hardware includes the MYA-UPM mounting yoke, MUB-UPM U-bracket, and MSA-UPM stand adapter. Other UPM-1XP options include weather protection and custom color finishes for fixed installations and installations with specific cosmetic requirements.