UPJ-1P Self-Powered

The UPJ-1P uses sophisticated amplification and protection circuitry to produce consistent and predictable results in any system design. Its two-channel, proprietary Meyer Sound amplifier with complementary MOSFET output stages processes audio through the use of electronic crossover, phase and frequency response correction filters as well as driver protection circuitry.

Each channel has peak and rms limiters that prevent driver overexcursion and regulate the temperature of the voice coil. Limiter activity is easy to monitor with high-color limit LEDs on the UPJ-1P’s rear panel.


No amplifier racks

No heavy gauge loudspeaker cables

Simplified setup or installation and reduced costs

Enhanced reliability and flexibility

The modular, field-replaceable amplifier/processing package also incorporates Meyer Sound’s Intelligent AC power supply, which automatically adjusts for any line voltage worldwide and provides both soft turn-on and transient protection. Meyer Sound’s RMS remote monitoring system interface may be optionally fitted, allowing engineers to monitor and troubleshoot an entire UPJ-1P system from a remote Windows-based computer.