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SIM 3 is a highly sophisticated tool that must be well understood to be fully utilized. Meyer Sound regularly holds comprehensive training seminars on the use of Meyer Sound SIM audio analyzers, which are available worldwide.

  • Real-time, guided procedures to step you through important test sequences
  • Backed by Meyer Sound’s well-known support – long after the sale
  • Useful with any loudspeaker system, but promotes best use of Meyer Sound products in practice

While Meyer Sound supports measurement of a sound system’s performance in practice with its SIM audio analyzers, Meyer Sound’s MAPP Online® acoustical prediction program is provided by Meyer Sound to enable you to accurately predict how a given complement of Meyer Sound loudspeakers will work in an environment before the products are purchased. In fact, MAPP Online even contains a Virtual SIM environment to further reinforce its predictive capabilities.

Meyer Sound is committed to supplying tools that ensure that the best possible fidelity is achieved in actual practice. To this end, development on SIM analyzers, MAPP Online and other products is ongoing.

SIM School

Meyer Sound’s SIM (source independent measurement) System is widely accepted as the world's most accurate acoustical audio analysis tool for applications in studios, live performance spaces and permanent installations.

With the release of SIM 3, Meyer Sound offers SIM 3 training courses around the world to anyone involved in professional audio. These courses are recommended for audio engineers interested in maximizing the performance of sound systems and audio equipment. 

More information is available about SIM School.


Request SIM 3 v1.7.2 Upgrade
(SIM-3022 audio analyzer hardware required)

Request the Setup and Data Viewer Application v1.7.2

Release Notes

SIM 3 v1.7.2 Release Notes

Galileo Compatibility

Whats new in SIM 3 v1.6.42 (PDF)

Whats new in SIM 3 v1.6.0 (PDF)

User Guides

SIM 3 Remote Setup Guide (3.6 MB PDF)

SIM 3 User Guide (9.5 MB PDF)

SIM 3 Setup and Data Viewer Installation Guide (PDF)

Application Notes

SIM 3 Measuring Unbalanced Devices (PDF)

SIM 3 Testing and Verifying XLR Cables (PDF)

SIM School

Seminar/SIM School Calendar