Monitor Display Views

Displayed below are graphics of the various "views" presented on the RMS Remote Monitoring System. Each element on the different view screens is labeled and described briefly.


Icon View

Icon View graphically represents the appearance of the loudspeakers and includes color-coded LEDs that indicate system status conditions and feedback on amplifier and driver channels at a quick glance. Data is updated 2 times per second. Mute, Solo, and Wink controls are also provided. For crowded panels, the more compact Small Icon View can be used.

Meter View

Meter View provides color-coded bar graphs to display key operational parameters, including power output, voltage, and limiting for each amplifier channel, input level and input polarity, heat sink temperatures, and fan speeds. Meter colors reflect operating ranges from normal to extreme. Data is updated 5 times per second.


Text View

Text View is the most comprehensive and detailed loudspeaker view, displaying all monitored parameters with numerical values. Mute, Solo, and Wink controls are also provided. Data is updated 5 times per second.

* Loudspeaker views shown on this page are for MILO. Parameters and parameter ranges may differ for other loudspeakers. For more information, refer to the loudspeaker's operating instructions.


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