RMS Components

RMS Modules for Self-Powered Loudspeakers

UltraSeries UPM RMS Module
When equipped with an RMS module, Meyer Sound loudspeakers can connect to the RMS network and be monitored with the RMS software. Some Meyer Sound loudspeakers, such as the M-Series loudspeakers, come standard with the RMS module already installed. For other Meyer Sound loudspeakers, the module is available as an option that can be factory installed or installed later by a qualified service technician.

The RMS module user panel includes two Weidmuller 2-conductor locking network connectors for transferring data to and from the RMS network; two connectors are provided for easy daisy-chaining of multiple units. The user panel also includes LEDs that provide feedback on the status of the loudspeaker's network connection, and buttons for initializing and identifying the loudspeaker on the network.

RMS Integration for 48 V DC Loudspeakers

48 V DC loudspeakers can be integrated in RMS networks via the MPS-488HP external supply (when equipped with the factory-installed RMS option). Up to eight loudspeakers can be connected to the MPS-488HP with their voltage and DC current being monitored in the RMS software. Loudspeakers can also be muted and unmuted from the software.

MPS-488HP External Power Supply with RMS Option

Supported 48 V DC loudspeakers include the MM-4XP miniature loudspeaker, UP-4XP ultracompact loudspeaker, HMS-10 surround loudspeaker, and MM-10XP compact subwoofer.

RMS Network Hardware

A network interface is required for the RMS host computer to connect to RMS loudspeakers via twisted-pair cabling. The number of loudspeakers and length of cables used in an RMS network can be expanded by adding a network repeater. The following network hardware is available from Meyer Sound:

Echelon PCLTA-20/21 PCI Card: Installs in full- and half-length PCI slots; supports up to 50 self-powered loudspeakers, or up to 100 self-loudspeakers with a network repeater.

Echelon U10 USB Adapter: Attaches to USB 2.0 port; supports up to 50 self-powered loudspeakers, or up to 100 self-powered loudspeakers with a network repeater.

i.LON 10 Ethernet Adapter: Attaches to RJ-45 port; supports up to 50 self-powered loudspeakers, or up to 100 self-powered loudspeakers with a network repeater; for even larger systems, multiple i.LON 10s can be connected to a single computer with a network switch.

MicroCom DXI/DXL FTR-120 Network Repeater: Expands RMS networks to support installations with many nodes or nodes with cable runs that exceed cable length specifications.

A standard RMS network with a single network interface or adapter supports up to 50 nodes of self-powered loudspeakers with a maximum network length of 1640 ft. The maximum network length, which is defined as the sum of all interconnected wire lengths, can be extended by using heavier cable gauges or by adding network repeaters.

Peripheral kits that include a network interface, bulk twisted-pair cable, network connectors, and network terminators are also available from Meyer Sound.

RMS Software

RMS software automates and streamlines working with large numbers of loudspeakers. Batch commissioning allows you to automatically commission multiple loudspeakers in a single operation. This is especially useful when building an RMS panel offline (with no loudspeakers connected), or when adding several new loudspeakers to an existing panel.

The Solo/Mute Matrix manages muting and soloing for large numbers of loudspeakers. Up to 10 columns of 30 loudspeakers (a total of 300 loudspeakers) can be added to the matrix.

Loudspeakers can be viewed in the RMS software with Icon View, Meter View, and Text View. Loudspeaker icons and views can be arranged on-screen in panels to reflect how the loudspeakers have been deployed in the system.



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