M'elodieUltraCompact High-Power Curvilinear Array Loudspeaker

System Design and Integration Tools

  A MAPP Online Pro soundfield plot of a system with a MICA main array and a M’elodie sidefill array (splayed 40 degrees from the main array) on each side of the venue.

M'elodie and MAPP Online Pro

Meyer Sound MAPP Online Pro acoustical prediction software, available free from Meyer Sound, gives users accurate predictions of how Meyer Sound loudspeakers will work in use in a given venue. MAPP Online Pro lets users view coverage, and, using the included Virtual SIM feature, SPL and frequency response at any spot in the venue, making it easy to design M’elodie arrays by themselves or complete systems incorporating MICA.

Galileo 616 and Compass

The Galileo loudspeaker management system, consisting of the Galileo 616 processor and Compass control software, is designed to provide all of the facilities required to drive a Meyer Sound self-powered loudspeaker system, including array compensation equalization for M’elodie and MICA, among other models.


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